Pushed to Act with the Aries Full Moon

Aries Full Moon on Monday, September 24 at 7:52pm PDT/10:52pm EDT/2:52am EDT


Everything is possible. More and more, circumstances twist and turn to reveal something unheard of. That same churn is within you.


Like the ripe fullness of the Moon, open to your next uplevel of awareness. You’re creating extraordinary outcomes.


The Sun in Libra brought a balance of daylight for a day. The scales are always determining what’s missing to create a fleeting perfect tension of opposites.


With the partner-driven Libra Sun on one side of Earth and the Moon in the self-interest of Aries on the other, you’re pulled to examine how you identify your own needs in tandem with others.


Your unique self and the dynamic of your independent reality is brought to light under this fiery Full Moon.

Action is needed to move with the impulses of this Full Moon. Life is never static and it may feel like it’s pushing you with the cardinal initiative of the Aries Moon conjoined wounded healer Chiron in Aries and stern Saturn in Capricorn.


You may feel heavy and vulnerable with what’s going on around and within you. Pay attention to what those feelings are related to, because they’re clues about what you’re working on.

Something potent is arising that’s giving you uncomfortable feelings to catalyze action on what you may have hoped was going to resolve itself.


The Full Moon helps you see what’s been developing since the Virgo New Moon on September 9.  But with Chiron and Saturn working so closely with this Moon, you may feel inadequate to the actions forward. You have more work to do on what you thought was within reach.


People are important now. Your dynamic exchange with others can help you see the truth of you that you can’t see alone.


Saturn demands you patiently address each problem as it arises while Chiron reveals that you have more tools than you think to correct what needs fixing.


You’re using your energy to make some big shifts in your life.


Much like the effects of the recent eclipses and lunations in the past season, this Moon is a status quo changer.


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