July Forecast: Let Love Eclipse Your Fear

Half of 2018 has zipped by. If you’re a little freaked out about the world around you and feel as if everything is moving too fast, then the month of July is a chance to recalibrate your approach.


July is a month to recenter within and dig into what holds meaning for you. Instead of pushing elements of your life forward, Mars retrograde in Aquarius inspires you to retool your inner focus.


You are the powerhouse that can change the world and you’re discovering what’s needed to keep your engine humming and running.


July promises to be a month of accelerated personal growth with the Cancer New Moon being as a Solar Eclipse on July 12/13 followed by the Aquarius Full Moon as a Lunar Eclipse of the Leo Sun on July 27.


Solar Eclipses each have their own message from the 18 year Saros cycle they originate from. This month’s Solar Eclipse is especially intriguing since it is the same “Old North” cycle that began 1,226 years ago as a conjunction with Jupiter on the Mars/Uranus midpoint at the time. This has the effect of magnifying viewpoints (Jupiter) and impulsive recklessness (Mars/Uranus).


If magnified impulsive recklessness feels familiar, that’s because this month’s Solar Eclipse is from the same cycle of Donald Trump’s pre-natal Solar Eclipse. Pre-natal eclipses reveal karma accumulated from prior incarnations. Trump’s pre-natal “Old North” eclipse was close to his natal Saturn, giving him a serious perspective about his current life obligations. But this one adds a new challenge for him as it opposes transiting Pluto, provoking regeneration or destruction.


The Pluto alignment with the Cancer Solar Eclipse promises this will be an intense month ahead. As Trump navigates his own legacy, you too have choices to make with uncertain, quickly changing scenarios. Your creative instincts may make you an artful negotiator and attract powerful allies, or, you may choose to resort to perverse measures to control life with compulsive aggression. Your actions in the month ahead will reveal how you choose to handle this.


Keep remembering your power is within you, not determined by someone or something else. Relationships based on trust and mutual respect will strengthen and support you this month. If you feel threatened, recall the rare and unique value of your life. The more you contemplate your special existence on Earth, the more you’ll reflect on how to use your time here to responsibly manifest your greatest works.


To help you reckon with the cosmic climate around you, let’s go through the highlights of the month. July 1  begins the month with Juno, dwarf planet of partnerships, entering sensual Taurus through September 29. You’re comforted by loyal relationships that you know you can rely on.


On July 4, Independence Day in the United States, Chiron will station retrograde at 2°Aries and begin it’s rewind back to late Pisces on September 25 and move forward again on December 8. As the dwarf planet of personal healing, Chiron retrograde emphasizes your connection to the whole story of your current life and how you can embrace more self-acceptance and peace with any remnant pain.


You’re glowing with greater confidence on July 5 as the Sun in nurturing Cancer trines jovial Jupiter and radiates opportunities to be understood as you’re inspired by what you’re discovering about energy with Mars retrograde. Keep the cautions of Mars retrograde in mind and avoid arguments.


By aligning yourself with the highest possibilities, you can see the light and the way on July 8, as the Sun supports the cosmic insights of Neptune. Refresh your perspective near the water, with meditation, music you connect with, and all that’s beautiful.


You may be torn about where to devote your attention on July 9 as Mercury squares Jupiter and Venus enters Virgo. Satisfaction comes from being practical through August 6.


Jupiter moves from behind the Sun and stations direct on July 10 and gives you so much more hope for the possibilities that are already evident.


On July 12/13, the Cancer Solar Eclipse in opposition to Pluto will be a watershed event that marks the beginning of a six-month phase of exposition of toxic details that catalyze personal growth and release old dysfunctional patterns.


The Sun will return to its native Leo on June 22 and embolden you to pursue what you love.


Your vision could be rebellious as the Sun in Leo squares Uranus on July 25 while Mercury stations retrograde in Leo and the Sun opposes retrograde Mars in Aquarius. Use physical exercise to release steam and tame your mind as uncertain upsets unfold. Once again, avoid arguments and risky behavior while Mars is retrograde through August.


The Moon represents the people and the eclipse of the Leo Sun with the Aquarius Moon conjoined Mars retrograde on July 27 awakens the revolutionary energy of the populace to respond differently to war-like aggression. Can you keep your heart open as the world appears to spin out of control? Aquarius seeks equality and freedom for all, while Leo attracts alliances with love.

Nothing good can exist with fear. Use the potent transformative energy of July to rediscover your power and face your deepest fears with a patient, nurturing, bold new expression of love!


Recap of the July astrological highlights:


July 1 – Juno enters Taurus – You are comforted by loyal relationships that can rely on.


July 4 – Chiron stations retrograde – Additional emphasis on being connected to the whole story of your current life and how you can embrace more self-acceptance and peace.


July 5 – Sun trine Jupiter and Mercury opposite Mars retrograde – More possibilities to be understood as your creative mind is inspired by new discoveries. Let the ideas flow and avoid arguments.


July 8 – Sun trine Neptune – Refresh your perspective near the water, meditation, music and all that’s beautiful.


July 9 – Mercury square Jupiter and Venus enters Virgo – Many options are possible. Which will inspire more joy? Satisfaction comes from being practical.


July 10 – Jupiter stations direct – Hopefulness about the possibilities that are already evident.


July 12 – Cancer Solar Eclipse opposite Pluto – Beginning of a six-month phase of exposing toxic details that catalyze personal growth and release old dysfunctional patterns.


July 22 – Sun enters Leo – Emboldens you to pursue what you love.


July 25 – Sun square Uranus, opposite Mars with Mercury stationing retrograde at 23° Leo – Exercise to release pent-up aggression and avoid contracts and planning that depend on movement and information consistency.


July 27 – Aquarius Lunar Eclipse – Can you keep your heart open as the world appears to spin out of control? Aquarius seeks equality and freedom for all while Leo attracts alliances with love


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