June and the New Moon in Gemini Forecast

May opened up discoveries. And June expands your understanding.


June will be a wild ride. But like Crazy Horse, you’re a warrior guided by your vision to act on what matters to you.


Circumstances are pushing you to trust what’s right for you.


Recognizing your options will help you make sense of the month more quickly, as Gemini likes to do.


You can use the cosmic surge of energy that’s blasting through June to nurture your needs and compassionately accept the differences in others. Or, you can try to bend others to what you want — and feel the rejection.


The twin challenges are that simple.


On June 16, the Jupiter-Neptune square will become exact for the second of three times, with the final square on September 21.


This influence has been working in the background all year to expand what you want to create. There’s a positive push to manifest your hopes and dreams.


But there aren’t any shortcuts.


Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn support your power and authority to release old ways of being as they linger on the Moon’s South Node.


It’s easy to find something to take you higher.


But life is already extraordinary. So it’s smart to avoid games of chance and anything that puts you under the influence of a substance or others!


June brings enough excitement to keep you entertained.


The goal of June is to keep calm and clarify your thoughts. Know what you stand for. And then stand for it.


You’re becoming a new you if you can stay conscious.


The visions of Jupiter square Neptune need to be harnessed. Only focus and discipline will materialize your dreams.


Trying to fly over the details will only lead to disappointment.


Your electric heart pulses with the truth of how to love yourself and accept the truth about others as Venus in Taurus moves to trine Pluto in Capricorn on June 2.


Listen to what your heart resonates. Your body is your most intimate indicator. The clues of what’s changing are within.


On June 3, a new lunar month of communication discoveries begins with the Gemini New Moon.


Gemini likes to keep options open and avoid commitment to keep ideas percolating.


But this is a month to follow a plan that includes time for innovation and freedom. Otherwise, your brain could become overloaded with options.


Choose something and work with it until you understand what’s next. Your intuition will guide you.


Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, enters the instinctive wisdom of Cancer on June 4, and adds sensitive depth to your mental analysis. It also makes everything more personal.


Again, this is a month of standing strong with what you know.


On June 8, Venus enters Gemini and raises new possibilities with your questions.


Stick to something and explore the bounty of options within that choice.


Once the Sun in Gemini squares Neptune on June 9, expect things to go over the top, in yet another extraordinary way, through June 24.


The next day, June 10, the Sun in Gemini is hyper-activated when it opposes bountiful Jupiter while pointing to Neptune and those who need help.


You’re ready to fight for those who are being exploited as Mars in fiercely protective Cancer trines Neptune the next day on June 13.


Authorities may respond on June 14 when Mars opposes Saturn and creates a direct confrontation.


When Mercury joins up with Mars in Cancer on the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17 while opposing the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the Lunar South Node, communications create change.


Saturn and Pluto help ground your dreams with a plan. If haven’t created a structured sequence to act on, you still have the opportunity to make something from nothing.


Neptune turns retrograde on the Summer Solstice, June 21, and helps you look within to nurture your higher-self as the Sun enters the fertile sign of Cancer.


Consistent effort will help you create with the subtle creative stream of Neptune retrograde – especially while it’s being activated by Jupiter.


More opportunities arise as Venus in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius and push the Neptune themes of love, dance, and creative abundance.


June piles on enthusiasm. Let it fuel your biggest dreams. With Saturn and Pluto looking over, follow the path of true integrity.


Your self-worth will get you through the sticky points of June.


There are plenty who will keep breaking the rules. For them, it’s gonna hurt by the end of the month.


Mercury enters Leo on June 26 (but will go retrograde on July 7 and return to Cancer on July 19) and so use the regal fire to square away your communications and trips planned for July and August.


June ends with a perspective of how you sit on the throne of your life. July will start with a total eclipse with the Cancer New Moon and highlight what’s been neglected.


For now, focus on showing who you are. Accept your greatness. Inevitably the beautiful truth of you is coming to light.


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