Jupiter and the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on March 9 at 3:19am PST/6:19pm EST/11:19pm GMT


Jupiter turns retrograde tonight (March 8/9 at 8:45pm PST/11:45pm EST and 4:45am GMT) and its rulership over the current Moon in Sagittarius will affect the influence of this waning quarter Moon and the weeks ahead.


This retrograde may feel like an external “crisis”, but it’s really going to serve you once you adjust to it. Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio wants you to delve deeper into the secrets of your regenerative process.


While Jupiter is retrograde until July 10, you’ll discover more about what you need to face in order to expand what matters most to you.


Passionately creative Moon in Sagittarius questions beliefs as it experiences the depths of the compassionate Piscean waters.


In the past week, the Virgo Full Moon encouraged you to bring your true values to light.


You may now feel a tug to reflect on how threads of confusion and self-limiting actions have accumulated to since the beginning of the new year.


This final week of the Aquarius lunar cycle acts to detoxify and release the constrictions of winter (or indulgences of summer) to embrace the changing season beginning with the zodiacal new year in Aries.


Jupiter is also the ancient ruler of Pisces. It also rules your liver. According to Chinese medicine, the liver is responsible for regulating the energy in your body. And this is also part of Jupiter’s influence in astrology.


Like Sagittarius, Jupiter is expansive and fiery. Jupiter amplifies whatever it’s associated with. And as Jupiter turns retrograde, it’s nicely aligned with Pluto, promising you’ll create a better way externally by making positive changes within. It’s like having a cosmic buddy to support you in developing your power through personal growth.


Let your inner light expand while you float in the compassionate waters of Pisces. It may not feel comfortable at first, but you can still act on pulses of inspiration that Mercury conjoined Venus in headstrong Aries.


Working on old wounds will help you assert yourself without conflict.


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