Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn: Rebuild Your Sacred Way

Last Quarter Moon at 7°Capricorn on March 27/28, 2019 at 9:10pm PDT/12:10am EDT/4:10am GMT


After a confusing three weeks since the Pisces New Moon, and Mercury in Pisces retrograde, with Neptune, Pisces’ ruler hovering nearby, you’re (finally!) entering a week of better understanding.


The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn sets the tone for this final week of the waning Moon before the important Aries New Moon on April 5.


Capricorn is probably the most self-controlled sign of the zodiac. Ruled by the demands of Saturn, Capricorn knows hard work will pay off.


But to become fully accomplished, Capricorn also knows it’s more than just what you’re doing; it’s also how you’re integrating the truth of your soul.


In one way or another, the message this week is that it’s time to get serious about taking care of yourself and work on overcoming your self-imposed restrictions.


This Last Quarter Capricorn Moon is exactly parallel (like a conjunction) with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.


And this is a lot like the conjunctions that will happen with these planets in 2020. Saturn and Pluto reconstruct things and with Jupiter, it’s to serve the greater whole.


Supporting this initiative, the Sun in Aries, the “I am” element, intuits how it’s up to every individual to make a difference.


Capricorn and Aries are working to support your identity. These two self-starters ask what do you need to respond to?


There’s no ignoring what you know.


Mercury stationing direct, hours after the Last Quarter Moon, is still close to Neptune, and the messages from the Infinite.


You’re not alone in your efforts, but you have to be open to the healing and restructuring you already know is needed.


With this Moon, you’re energized to shed old patterns to create a new world within.


After the spectrum of oddities you’ve experienced in recent weeks, this is a week to cultivate balance before the Aries New Moon sets you forth on a bold new path.


Your thoughts are energized as Mercury stations direct with this Moon. If you feel impatient, trust that after your emotional reworking, you’ll be able to dart ahead faster after taking care of your lessons.


You’re being guided by wisdom that requests patience and perseverance.


Mars enters Gemini on Saturday, March 30, and increases the wordplay. Mercury, returning to exact conjunction with Neptune, on April 2 will deceive or illumine, depending on how much you want to receive the messages.


Surrender to the most exceptional possibilities for your highest expression. Let the expanding exalted love of Venus in Pisces show you the mystical way.


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