Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You with the Last Quarter Moon in Libra

(I’ve been sick with the flu so forgive my late posting – it’s still relevant up to the Capricorn New Moon on Tuesday)

Last Quarter Moon in Libra, Monday January 8, 2018 at 2:25pm PST/5:25pm EST/10:25pm GMT


The sharp judgment of Moon in Libra illumines your response to love as the Sun, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn conjoin and increase your need to define what you want and don’t want this week.


Pluto intensifies and transforms whatever it connects with.


You may be changing how you manage your money. Relationships may be deepening or revealing what negative associations and behaviors need to be released before the Capricorn New Moon on January 16. Pluto gets to the crux of the matter.


And right there to enhance the Venus conjunction is another conjunction with Pluto-ruled Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter, which is exactly sextile the Venus/Sun/Pluto conjunction.


A sextile is a 60° angle that is a helpful angle for giving or receiving support. You are supported in making changes that allow you to help yourself and others effect great achievements.


Critical yet harmonizing Moon in Libra is quite clear about what’s needed this week to transform your relationships with self and others with the power of love – Capricorn love.


Venus in Capricorn values self-control, goal-oriented, responsible behavior. You’re motivated to express competency within and shared serious conversations about how to realize your goals together.


If you have a concern, it’s a good time to clear it up. The more security you create by responding to what isn’t working, the more rewards will easily flow to areas that do serve you.


Use your dry wit to move through tough conversations as we’re deep into Capricorn season and once Mercury moves into Capricorn on Thursday, your thoughts become increasingly serious. There’s no need to fear, when you can define, plan and apply yourself toward your goals.


It’s time to get very clear about what you want.


Capricorn always finds a way to succeed. The five sextiles between Mars/Jupiter and Sun/Venus/Pluto add to the urgency to manifest what’s on your mind. This week is a cosmic push to review what’s been shifting since the Super Cancer Full Moon on New Year’s Day.


The week ends with a release in your karmic cycle. What needs to leave you, will, or you will let it go.


This isn’t a belated resolution, it’s a recognition of what you need to thrive.

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