Liberate Your Unique Perspective with the Aquarius Solar Eclipse New Moon

Aquarius Solar Eclipse, Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 1:05pm PST/4:05pm EST/9:05pm GMT


Aquarius opens up your higher mind to find new solutions. You may not have all the answers. But maybe others have a part of the puzzle. Aquarius helps you to discover new insight by integrating the unique contributions of others.


First, there was the focus on individual effort with the total Solar Eclipse at 28°53 Leo on August 21, 2018. You’ve been interpreting your creative heart by cultivating more self-love to become the change you want to see.


With this Solar Eclipse at 27°07 Aquarius, you’re thrust into an exciting new phase growth with a 180° degree perspective. You’re evolving. Somehow you’ve had blinders on. And now brilliant new ideas are now forming in your mind that you’ll want to share with others.


People are awakening. When the Great American Leo Solar Eclipse crossed the United States in August 2017, it opposed the Moon in the 1776 chart of the United States, and this Aquarius Solar Eclipse will conjoin it. The Moon, which represents women, children, people and the general population of the U.S. and beyond, has been plugged into the electric volatility of Uranus.


Life isn’t comfortable.


Behind the degradation of women, children, minorities, immigrants, the financial solvency of the country and the rule of law, is the breakdown of the status quo. Disruption awakens the people to the collective potential of acting individually to create a difference together.


Aquarius is a natural rebel. Politically active, strong-willed and self-reliant, Aquarius speaks for the love of freedom.


When the Moon eclipses the Sun in Aquarius and blocks the sunlight over southern South America and Antarctica, it will also be eclipsing Mercury, planet of communication.


Mercury in Aquarius, conjoining the Sun and Juno, dwarf-planet of relationships, is additionally energized by being at a highly expressive angle with Uranus, the unpredictable modern ruler of Aquarius.


Take a risk and change the rules.


Expect the unexpected. Uranus is unpredictability. And Uranus will continue to influence throughout 2018. Nothing is normal now and you’ll be hearing that more than ever while this eclipse is active beyond this lunar month for the next 5 – 6 months.


Change is in your favor. It’s time for a new approach.


If you’ve wanted to be clear about the relationships in your life, you’ll have a better understanding of whether you’re compatible enough to commit to them with the close presence of Juno.


With the Sun and Mercury being eclipsed by the Moon in Aquarius, you may open to information you might have ignored before. Pay attention to your intuitive insight on ideas to reform your life this week and in the months ahead.


Every lunar cycle is a time of beginning again with the signature of the New Moon. The waxing cycle of the Moon from the New to the Full Moon is a time of seeding energy for your intentions.


You’ve let go of so much go that no longer served you in the past two weeks of the waning cycle of Capricorn. Lighter and freer, it’s time to claim something fresh and liberating to expand your life.


Your journey since the Leo Solar Eclipse has taught you a lot about opening your heart to love.


The Sun is radiating the energy of a recent solar storm that will arrive on Earth with this Solar Eclipse. You’re receiving a whole lot of energy to reboot, recharge and electrify your life.


What do you want to do with it?


Look at your Sun sign and Ascendant to understand where you’re putting this Aquarius Solar Eclipse energy into your life:


  • Aries – Wishes come true if you ask for them.
  • Taurus – Hear the applause as you take a walk on the wild side.
  • Gemini – Consider your philosophy and what you’ve assumed. You may be shocked!
  • Cancer – Look into your worst fears and realize how deeply you’re supported.
  • Leo – You’re proud to be able to fulfill the needs of others.
  • Virgo – Revelations spur you to serve others in their day to day challenges.
  • Libra – Creative inspiration inspires everything you love.
  • Scorpio – Your body and home offer surprising enlightenment.
  • Sagittarius – Teach what you know and you’ll thrill your audience.
  • Capricorn – Connect with what you value most and increase your income.
  • Aquarius – Turn up your light and awaken all the ideas you’ve been waiting to implement.
  • Pisces – What you haven’t been able to see is obvious now.


Practices to Catalyze Positive Changes:


    1. Decide you’re willing to hold a higher vision. You affect your body, environment and possibilities with your thoughts. Even with challenging news to process, commit to make a positive difference by creating a positive current within you to share with others.


    1. Commit to being your uniquely quirky self. In a world that’s harder to shock, trust that you being the individual treasure you are is part of the solution. Be unabashedly you.


    1. Decide on 3 areas of your life where you want to shake things up and take a different approach. Write those down in a place you can review every day. Notice every week how this is happening!


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