Make It Happen With This First Quarter Moon in Capricorn

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn at 5º Capricorn at 7:54pm PDT/10:54pm EDT/3:54am GMT


Feel the earth beneath you. It spins 1000 miles per hour and rotates around the Sun at 66,000 miles per hour. You’re steadily flying!


What you’re doing is extraordinary. And you’re about to experience even more of your miraculous existence. Your evolving circumstances are accelerating.


Moon in Capricorn holds you together like the gravity on Earth as you push to materialize new opportunities in the changing world.


This First Quarter Moon in Capricorn brings up an inner tension to resolve. Statistics show more people have mental health concerns on the full moon and more have stress-related incidents on the first and last quarter moon.


Each quarter moon predicts the next week.


I create these quarter moon horoscopes help you understand what’s changing in your landscape.


And concurrent with this first quarter moon, the planetary k-index is now up to level 6 (as of this writing at 4:36pm PDT). Level 6 is a moderate level geomagnetic energy entering our cocoon on Earth. You may have a headache. You may see an aurora in the northern United States.


Considering all indicators, this quarter moon speaks breakthrough time!


By itself, the earthy Moon in Capricorn is serious about getting stuff done. And with the balancing judgment of Sun in Libra, you’re able to reflect on how you’ve sabotaged your efforts to do this in the past.


Other planetary players want to show you how to unlock your potential.


Jupiter makes its final opposition to Uranus right after the quarter moon and then Pluto stations direct.


Expansive and fortunate connections are enhancing up-leveling experiences in your life.


You’ve been working on breaking down what’s been stifling your growth since the Jupiter/Uranus opposition became active in early December 2016. Now you know anything’s possible.


The energy of Pluto, the transformer, assists you to hone in on your deepest truth as it moves forward from a long retrograde season that began April 20.


When Pluto is retrograde, you have an opportunity to explore the vulnerable areas of your life that aren’t easy to see. Relationships often become mirrors for what you can’t see within.


You’ve learned so much about yourself in the past 5 months. Particularly about how to love yourself and others unconditionally. Now you have more vitality to set things right.


This quarter moon is a catalyst to move more directly toward your most cherished goals.


Choose your ambition. Your efforts are additionally supported by Venus and Mars. They’re nearly conjunct in Virgo and enhanced by Pluto in Capricorn to drill into the truth when needed and make innovation happen.


With so much tumult in the world, there’s also evidence of abundant good.


Focus on the potential for a giant leap in your life and assume it’s happening. Pluto supports your intense and unwavering focus.


Delightful surprises are possible right now and you need to open to receive them. It’s up to you to direct this intense energy to your thoughts, actions, and feelings to become the change you want to see in the world.


Your life is unfolding in ways you couldn’t have imagined before. Let life work in its mysterious ways.


You realize how you’re getting what you’ve wanted but had no idea how it was ever going to happen.


Yes, this is real.


Are you feeling uncertain about the lessons you’ve learned in the past 5 months and how to best direct this powerful energy in your life?
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