May 2019 Forecast

April has come and gone and left some serious impressions. May blossoms with greater understanding about what this all means for your future.


To set the tone of the month, May 1 brings the fifth and final Uranus semi-square Neptune aspect, that began on August 11, 2017.


This slow-moving configuration is an irritation between the impatient shocking push of Uranus and the sensitive, flowing and receptive qualities of Neptune.


The contrast has pushed you to define where you stand.


Over the past two years, you may have recognized how you can be pulled into the demands of others, without your conscious consent.


By now you notice this pattern more quickly when it arises.


May offers a month to strengthen what’s good for you while holding compassion for yourself and others.


After the push of April, May is still a sobering month with Saturn closely parallel and conjoined Pluto.


They are both retrograde and nearly at a standstill in the sky. It’s as if they’re pointing out the truth to respond to with underscored emphasis!


The Taurus New Moon on May 4 assists with grounding support to plant new seeds. You can plan for goals that support your quality of life; a healthy diet; doing the work that you love, and receiving all the abundance of the universe!


Whatever you’re up to will get a big boost of confident power as Mars opposes Jupiter on May 5.


Your thoughts become more practical as Mercury leaves Aries and enters Taurus on May 6.


Venus square Saturn can create stress in relationships from unexpressed fears on May 7. Use the strength of Taurus and share your intuitive flashes as Mercury conjoins unpredictable Uranus the following day, May 8.


Relationships are evolving as Venus squares Pluto with expansive support from Jupiter on May 9. The truth is your guide to happier experiences.


The week winds down for a conscientious and well-organized Mother’s Day on May 11 as the Sun in Taurus is supported by the strength of Saturn in Capricorn.


Changes come as you feel your power to influence a situation on May 13. Venus enters Taurus on May 15 and adds steadiness to your passions and will support love and abundance for the next 4 weeks.


Also on May 15, Mars, still out of bounds, moves into sensitive Cancer, where it’s hard to nurture while being a warrior.


Power is the theme of the week as Mercury connects with Saturn (May 16) and then Pluto (May 18), as the Full Moon in Scorpio transforms what hasn’t been good into something much better. Whatever you need to still let go of, can be cast away permanently now.


Gemini season begins May 21 as the Sun and Mercury enter the mercurial sign of the Twins.


There will be a lot to talk about as Mercury also goes out-of-bounds on May 26 through June 17. With Mercury, the planet of how you think, and Mars, the planet of how you push yourself, there will be a lot of wildly unrestrained and extreme thoughts and actions during this time.


Check your facts before you do anything you might regret as Mercury gets pulled into ignoring the warning signs with Neptune and Jupiter between May 29 – 30.


The month ends with a passionate long-term commitment to something or someone as Venus is supported by the power of Pluto.


Another month in these extraordinary times of structural transformation ends with the promise of enduring love and many happy beginnings.


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