Melt Your Perspective To Find Out More

Melt Your Perspective To Find Out More with the First Quarter Moon in Pisces at 9:02am PSD/12:02pm ESD/5:02pm GMT


Overnight, the Moon moved into the swirling intuitive knowing of Pisces to create the First Quarter Moon with the Sun in Sagittarius.


The week ahead will reflect your search for understanding in a world of uncertain boundaries.


The influence of the Sagittarius Sun, like the Pisces Moon, increases your urge to fulfill personal meaning in life.


And where and what that is won’t become entirely clear until you fuse with what’s important to you.


You’re on an adventure with the infinite.


You have to become one with what you want to get it. Put your whole focus into your ideal and it will sharpen into reality in your life.


Nothing feels certain, except it’s becoming obvious you’re understanding hidden currents more deeply. One week after the fertile feminine Scorpio New Moon, you’re in the primary stage of your evolving perspective.


Your vision is more vivid with Neptune, Pisces ruler, moving forward since last Wednesday. Watch and listen. There are signs of how to best flow.


Allow yourself the time and space for your creative inspiration to carry you to your next dream.


Float with soothing insights that help you color your future. Imagine more about what you want and know this is all going to change again.


Mercury has been slowing down since mid-November. On Tuesday, it will enter the storm of the upcoming retrograde that formally begins on December 3.


Miscommunications and glitches from the effect of Mercury retrograde will become apparent already this week.


Life will become increasingly hazy as your thoughts drift to options to keep you afloat.


If you want to get tangible stuff done, this is a good time to create a schedule and stick to it, no matter how uncomfortable.


You’ll have a surge to take action midweek when the Moon moves into Aries.


You may feel conflicted about what you really need: more earthly accomplishment? or spiritual understanding?


Maybe you’re you making your life more complicated than you need to?


The effect of this upcoming Mercury retrograde is to slow you down to rethink things with a vision in mind.


Changing social, cultural, financial and ecological issues in 2018 will continue to permanently alter the world around you. You have an opportunity to express what’s most important to you.


The truth is being laid bare for you to collaborate with your greater aspirations.


The first step is to melt your resistance and acknowledge what you want.


Then you’ll see countless reflective promises of your potential as they grow with this waxing Moon.


Exercise for the week:


  1. Envision some of the more extraordinary things you desire to accomplish in 2018 to benefit your growth. What do you long to experience spiritually and physically?

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