Mind over Matter with the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius on Monday, May 7 at 7:08pm PDT/10:08pm EDT/2:08am GMT


Your inspired mind is your true security. In the week ahead, you’ll see how this last quarter phase resonates new surprising truth as the Moon in Aquarius integrates the grounded confidence of Taurus.


Since the Aries New Moon on April 15/16, life has quickened with what’s growing quickly into becoming in your life.


Aquarius, the fixed air sign known as the “water-bearer” doesn’t suppress their voice to “fit in” with the status quo. With Mercury in Aries now out of the shadow of the retrograde, your thoughts are clear as you express your perspective.


The angle of the Aquarius Moon with the Sun in Taurus pushes your understanding about what you really value. And with Neptune melting any boundaries about what you should or shouldn’t be saying, your words flow like a cosmic shower of higher consciousness.


And this isn’t going away. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is on the cusp of Taurus, and will enter the sign of the Bull, with the Taurus New Moon on May 15. You’ll be manifesting your desires with the continuous stream of electric energy through the end of the year.


As you’ve seen, changes have been in motion for a while. It won’t take much to bring more to the surface. Look at the lava flowing from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii as an example.


To meet this opportunity, take stock of your resources, your money, what you value, your body, and the food and thoughts that circulate within you.


Your assignment this week is to determine how do you want this evolutionary journey to catalyze you? All things are possible! The energy of Taurus knows how to create what they want by setting clear intentions and applying a steady focus.


Think of Uranus in Taurus like this, Uranus represents your higher mind and Taurus is everything physical within and around you. The extraordinary is becoming ordinary. As above, so below. Your body is attuning to greater intelligence. Cosmic evidence will abound when you can touch it and call it real.


Your body and resources (Taurus) are becoming electrified with surprising ideas (Uranus). You can’t keep a lid on your growth. Instead, hold your most important intentions and let go of old emotional baggage that has kept you stuck. Uranus is future-oriented and has no time for that!


In this final week of the waning cycle of the Aries New Moon, you’re completing a cycle of starting anew. Aries declares, “I am” before Taurus states “I have”. You’re making a quantum leap forward to a place that will become newly secure.

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