Month of May: Abundant Surprises!

May blossoms and promises to be one of the most significant months of 2018. Expect the unexpected as Uranus moves into Taurus in the middle of the month and the rest of the month serves to awaken you to how you’ll use this new source of energy.


After weeks of drilling into your individual focus, based on your unique chart, you have greater confidence and clarity about what you want while also being offered the delight of experiencing what you hadn’t anticipated!


As the month begins, Mercury, the trickster communicator is still moving out of the post-shadow phase of retrograde until May 4.  In the first four days of May, you still have to ask the right questions to get the correct details.


Generally, words are especially powerful for articulating exactly what you want to create. You don’t have to know the details of how it will unfold, but that will come as you define and hold true to the essence of what’s important to you.


Mars in late Capricorn is strong and enduring. As it leaves the regenerative grasp of Pluto you’re now emboldened to stand uncompromisingly on your true quest. What are you hungry for? Pursue what moves you deeply from the center of your being.


You’re still learning more about all that you desire as, Venus, ruler of Taurus, the planet of love and what you value, goes wild by moving “out-of-bounds” from its normal orbit from May 4 thru June 7, first in Gemini and then in Cancer.


An out-of-bounds (OOB) planet is a planet that has moved to become an outlier that acts unusually or in an exaggerated way, kind of like Uranus. An OOB planet catalyzes events related to the planet, and with Venus involved, you may experience magnified and unrestrained passions that awaken your body and resources to the potential of Uranus’ seven-year transit in Taurus.


The Taurus New Moon on May 15 is positioned to shift your relationship with your material world! Taurus is the sign of physical comfort and how you get what you need. Uranus returns to Taurus for the first time since it stirred up the world from 1935 – 1942.


Surprise! False values are up for change. Your definition of beauty is shifting. What you thought was secure, isn’t, and over these next seven years, you’ll affirm all the ways you find true security within.


May 15 will be an awakener as we embark on a discovery of new ways to engage money and sexuality. As if to punctuate this event, Mars, the planet of how you apply your energy, “pushes” Uranus in a square as it moves into Aquarius, also ruled by Uranus!


These are revolutionary times. Yet, you have help in becoming so grounded at the root of your being that nothing outside of you takes you from your center.


Mars in Aquarius will retrograde from June 26 to August 27 and will remain close to its uncomfortable angle with Uranus.


If you have any planet in the first degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you won’t be able to ignore the pressure to make changes.


May is an opportunity to embrace what matters to you in every sense and support how this is changing you within.


Here’s a recap of the astrological events in May:

May 1 – Mars leaves conjunction with Pluto and squares dwarf-planet Eris you are determined to focus on your deepest purpose.

May 4 – Mercury leaves post-retrograde shadow phase and you can review the lessons you’ve gained in the difficulties you’ve overcome since it entered the pre-shadow phase on March 8, 2018.

May 4 – June 7 – Venus is out-of-bounds in Gemini/Taurus and accentuates the Uranian energy of May. The wild feminine dominates all through May!

May 7 – Venus in Gemini square Neptune – are you only seeing what you want to see in relationships and money?

May 8 – Sun opposite Jupiter – You may find yourself oscillating between a need for peace/passion, simplicity/complexity, self-sufficiency/interdependence. With Mercury conjunct Eris you may find yourself on both sides.

May 15 – Taurus New Moon – a day to stand up and take notice! Uranus enters Taurus and awakens humanity to what’s changing in our physical world and how we have unexplored gifts within. Mars enters Aquarius and amplifies your open-minded push to explore new ideas.

May 20 – Sun enters Gemini and it feels easier to share your ideas about all that’s going on and enjoy conversations with others.

May 29 – Sagittarius Full Moon illumines your grand adventure for the next season.

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