Month of June: Your Evolving Needs

Welcome to June! By the end of the month you’ll be half-way through 2018 and what else? I’m so excited to share that I’ll be a first-time grandmother sometime mid-month!


The month of June is named after Juno, Roman goddess of marriage. Like the current Sun and communicative Mercury in Gemini, Juno was known for her vital force and eternal youthfulness. She was thought to govern the waning and waxing of the Moon and offer protection during delivery and childbirth.


There’s also a dwarf-planet named after Juno. It acts like Venus in your chart and reveals how you want to commit to another in partnership and marriage.  Juno has been in Aries from the beginning of May and will remain in Aries until the end of June. If you have Juno in Aries, you want your ideal partner to be a someone who takes an assertive lead in all areas of life.


But enough about Juno, let’s look at what June will bring.


June starts off with nurturing Venus in Cancer receiving the bountiful blessings of Jupiter in Scorpio. This promises to be a month of expanding the heart as Venus will move into Leo, the sign that rules the heart, on June 13.


Your evolving needs are strongly felt throughout the month. Your mind is energized as you release what’s been holding you back from feeling what you need as Mercury conjoins the Sun in Gemini while Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto, on June 5 and 6.


Mars in Aquarius is very close to the South Node all through the month and will be exact on June 7. You want to be a team player, but you have unique needs that also seek expression.


Mercury enters Cancer on June 12 and moves to oppose the demands of Saturn in Capricorn on June 15. You may think your thoughts are blocked at first, but really it’s an opportunity to define and clarify them.


Allow your thoughts to change your perception with the Gemini New Moon on June 13. Gemini’s ruler, Mercury is in Cancer and feels the truth through the tone and rhythm of spoken words. Words bring emotional currents that can wound or heal.


After Venus enters Leo on June 13 and squares Uranus in Taurus on June 14, it also pushes Chiron to help you heal old patterns and open up to new experiences that may seem wild and crazy at first. Try not to react. Instead, feel what arises.


The Cancer Solstice on June 21 is the longest day of the year and beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere and shortest day in the southern hemisphere with the beginning of winter. Sun in Cancer also changes the focus from the information seeking Sun in Gemini to identifying more with what family and country mean to you.


The presence of Venus in Leo opposite Mars in Aquarius on the same day is an indicator this new season will bring circumstances to help you appreciate the love within and around you along with the freedom to be yourself with others. Lead with your heart.


Energy and how you use it will be the theme for the next 4 months as Mars in Aquarius slows down and stations retrograde from June 26 to August 27, along with your efforts to advance innovative ideas. Everything takes time, says Saturn as it opposes the Sun, also on June 26.


On June 27, the Sun in Cancer opposes the Moon and Saturn in a Capricorn Full Moon that reveals what you’ve been side-stepping. You’re learning how to best respond when triggered. This is yet another indicator to slow down and work out any blocks you may have by taking personal responsibility for problems that surface for resolution.


Amid the passionate excitement of June, savor every moment and sip the nectar of this season, even if it doesn’t seem sweet at first. What challenges you, strengthens you, over time.


Recap of dates to watch:


June 5 – Sun and Mercury conjoin in Gemini gets you talking. Use your words wisely.


June 5 – Venus opposite Pluto – Discern the roots of your uncomfortable feelings to create deeper intimacy with all that you love.


June 6 – Sun and Mercury square Neptune signal some confusion and lost objects.


June 7 – Mars in Aquarius conjunct South Node brings the focus on what you’ve learned from the past.


June 12 – Mercury enters Cancer and pulls your thoughts toward caring and nurturing others.


June 13 – Gemini New Moon and Venus enters Leo – A new beginning for heartfelt thoughts as  Leo loves love more than any other sign. Keep loving all that you love.


June 14 – Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus


June 15 – Mercury opposes Saturn and may tempt you to ruminate on past problems. Take the lessons and do what you can to correct the present.


June 21 – Cancer Solstice begins Summer or Winter with Venus in Leo opposite Mars in Aquarius indicates the new season will bring circumstances that help you nurture the love within and around you and the freedom to be yourself with others.


June 26 – Mars stations retrograde and slows down your productive action. Give yourself more time!


June 27 – Capricorn Full Moon shows what you’ve been side-stepping.


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