Moving with a Higher Mind and the Sagittarius New Moon

Sagittarius New Moon on Thursday/Friday, December 6/7, 2018 at 11:20pm PST/2:20am EST/7:20am GMT


When the Moon and Sun conjoin in the same sign, it’s the beginning of a lunar month that carries the character of the New Moon planetary alignments.


The force of Sagittarius is with its exuberant ruler, Jupiter. Massive Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, is a basketball to our grape-sized Earth.


Known as the candid, good-humored planet of luck, Jupiter expands your view of the commercialization of the holiday season to the needs of those less fortunate.


Both kind and rational, Jupiter will continue to amplify the need for a philosophical perspective as it moves through Sagittarius in 2019.


While Jupiter and Sagittarius promote an open-minded, pioneering spirit, it also creates fantastical bluster when it contacts confusing elements, as it has done this week and will continue to do through this new lunar month.


Mars conjoining Neptune in Pisces is an unintegrated challenge for everyone with this buoyant Sagittarius New Moon. You may need adventure. You may need some edginess. You may need to feel like you’re taking a risk.


There’s a wild current of uncertainty that urges you to escape the ordinary. You may feel a passive or aggressive desire to escape the familiar in some way.


Situations that have appeared clearly, have become blurred and difficult to see the truth of.


With Mercury stationing direct in late Scorpio (December 6, 2018 PST) you’re sure to eventually make sense of your urges, but you gotta give yourself some time to let the haze clear.


Your best efforts may confuse others. But before you shelve your projects, revisit them with the perspective of what’s best for all? You can’t lose if you’re helping others.


For the month, you may want to give up any resistance and flow with where life leads you. Instead of pushing to change what isn’t working in your life, you can use your visionary power to imagine an entirely different way that gives up the fight.


The battle is part of what’s dissolving.


You’re ready to grow but you might not be realistic about timing. No shortcuts are available to raise your consciousness. Only faith and persistence to discover a better way will sustain you.


Healing is here as Chiron in Pisces stations direct Saturday late Saturday evening. And shortly after, newly direct Mercury in Scorpio brings profound awareness to light.


Finally. After this weekend, your journey through 2018 will start to make sense.