Navigating the Truth with the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces

Last Quarter Moon at 5°Pisces on Sunday, May 26, 2019, at 9:33am PDT/12:33pm EDT/4:33pm GMT


The waning Moon in Pisces pulls you deep into the wounds of the world.


Lively Sun and Mercury in Gemini offer the light of genius. However, insanity lies just beyond the uncertain line of “genius.” And Gemini isn’t associated with the idea of being “stable.”


There’s an unconscious conflict going on beneath the surface that Gemini can’t help you breeze through.


A new way of communicating is emerging. But first, you’re discovering the truth you can trust.


The Moon demonstrates the continuous cycle of renewal. There is always new growth and there is always something ending and evolving into something different.


The purpose of the Last Quarter Moon is to create an internal crisis so that you revise your approach.


You’re identifying and releasing old patterns so that your advancements can take root.


This week marks the final week of the Taurus New Moon cycle that began on May 4. What you’ve grown now brings you to what you want to weed out.


Jupiter and Neptune are also in a cycle of revealing where you’ve over-idealized something or someone you’ve been pursuing.


The moving Jupiter/Neptune square is the essence of what you’re awakening in 2019.


And the week ahead brings to light how you may be have been pushing for something that might not be what you think it is.


People and situations are especially wild this week.


Communications can’t be trusted as Gemini’s Mercury tries to figure out what’s going on.


Mercury in Gemini joins Mars in being out-of-bounds today, May 26, through June 17.


But there’s no reason to panic. You’ve got the answers you need when you listen to what you didn’t want to hear.


What seemed possible might vaporize as questions rise to the surface.


Don’t look to blame. You’re discovering what you were pretending to not know.


What seemed hopeful may turn into a situation out of control. But your uncertainty is temporary as you reset your coordinates.



You don’t need to confront others about their delusions. It could end badly and make matters worse.


Bring the focus back to you. Ask what you feel about this or that. How does it resonate with you?


What comes from within is your rudder to navigate uncertain waters.


No, it’s not all sweetness and light. But the light will increase as you discover what you’ve been glossing over. Check the facts.


May has been a month of new understanding.


With all the chatter around you, allow the Pisces Moon to dissolve what’s not essential to your growth.


Meditate on what feels right for you. Gratitude for the opportunity to shift course will show you the way.


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