November Forecast: We Are Greater Than Fear

You’ve been pushed to grow all year and finally, November is a month to digest how you’re changing and deepen your commitment to what’s become vitally important. 


Through the month, you have an opportunity to nurture what you value in all types of relationships. You’re finding a way to directly express what’s been developing deep within your soul. 


The lessons of Venus retrograde are rising to the surface, while dwarf planet feminine warrior Eris and Uranus hold an electrifying lengthy month-long call for rebellious opposition to complacency. 


You can’t forget what you’ve learned. Life is continuous change and there’s no comfortable place to return to. You must forge forward with what you know is important. So much is at stake. 


Many factors will buoy your confidence and optimism this month. You may experience greater hopefulness. You may feel more loved. 


Balance is key as confusion or over-optimism may affect the last two weeks of November. Make sure what you’re considering is factually correct.


Connections to people and all elements of the moving puzzle will help you navigate this month with a big heart and open arms for 2019. 


Here are the events of the month to be aware of with additional explanation:


November 6 – Election Day in the U.S. – Venus in Libra conjunction Ceres, Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, Uranus retrograde re-enters Aries, North Node enters Cancer for 18 months – Nurture the liberating joy of all types relationships that connect you with the flowing clarity of visionary truth. You don’t have control, but you know what you want and you’re realizing you’re not alone, even if you’re not with some “one.”

November 7  – 15°Scorpio New Moon – A New Moon is a new beginning and with Vesta, holding the fire and focus on Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, you are super-focused on something huge and ambitious that may seem impossible until it’s done. Look for the opportunities! They’re all around you.

November 8 – Jupiter enters Sagittarius – Jupiter enters its home sign of Sagittarius and expands your high minded horizons and optimism. Make luck stick around by working steadily to fulfill your vision.  

November 9 – Venus in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius – Love is sweet and easy so accept others unconditionally and give yourself that same sweet freedom to be you.

November 11 – Ceres opposite Uranus, Sun sextile Pluto, Ceres enters Scorpio nurturing internal depths – Change is being nurtured. The layers are peeling away. It’s all beginning to make perfect sense. 

November 15 –  Mars enters Pisces – Mars, planet of how you apply your energy, has (mostly) been in detached Aquarius since May 16. Remember that long retrograde phase between June 26 to August 27?

Mars in Aquarius has affected how you actualize innovative ideas without losing your patience or becoming aloof. Mars in Aquarius may have awakened your call as an activist. Mars may have activated past pain, may be related to other lifetimes or past times in your current life when you couldn’t speak up.

Maybe this long Mars transit has given you a new perspective about how it’s up to you to make a difference. Mars in Pisces cultivates and pushes gentle loving kindness. Notice this change and remember what you learned about being asserting your honest opinion in these past months, to avoid passive/aggressive responses while Mars in Pisces closes out 2018. 2019 will begin with a powerful start as Mars enters its home sign of Aries.

November 16  – Venus stations direct and Mercury in Sagittarius stations retrograde (thru December 6) – Finally your heart emerges from the relationship immersion while Mercury stations for its final retrograde of the year for you to reflect on what it’s all meant for you. This may be confusing, but it’s very necessary after all that you’ve gone through.  Stick with the facts and don’t be naive, while holding the possibility for the best outcome. People are the answer. Choose love and you’ll always win.

November 22 – Sun enters Sagittarius – Sagittarius season pushes you to explore beyond the familiar. Ideas and opportunities blossom with the boost of Jupiter in Sagittarius. 

November 22/23 – 0°Gemini Full Moon – Thanksgiving in the U.S. – Keep life simple, because there will be plenty of opportunities to help others. Keep thinking and acting with compassion, especially if life becomes overwhelming. Remember what you’ve learned with Venus retrograde and stick with what really matters.

November 27 – Sun conjunct Mercury, Mars sextile Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Jupiter – reminds us that yes, there are storms, but they pass quicker than you imagine. The Sun shines again with hope.


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