Nurture the Future with the New Moon in Gemini

Gemini New Moon on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, at 12:43pm PDT/3:43pm EDT/7:43pm GMT


The sharp wit and engaging charms of Gemini entertain our lives. Whether credible or incredible, information brings growth and new discovery.


Every New Moon is a new beginning.  When the Moon and Sun conjoin, they’re like parents birthing a child. Thoughts of the very best intentions are set, with the hope that they will be fulfilled.


Holding unformed ideas that haven’t been realized yet, this Gemini New Moon is inquisitively curious. There is so much to investigate!


Mercury, the ever-changing communicator is the influencer of this Gemini lunar phase. Mercury just moved into Cancer on Tuesday (at 12:59pm PDT/3:59pm EDT) and will be there until June 28.


Mercury in Cancer nostalgically holds on to the past to quiet their emotional mind. It needs to feel safe to share their thoughts or even think clearly.


Trickster Mercury also went out-of-bounds (OOB) on June 6 and is moving at a quick speed through space, increasing the pace of thoughts.  A planet is considered out-of-bounds when it travels beyond the Sun’s path and is no longer under the guiding influence of the Sun. Mercury in Cancer is a wild card for the lunar month ahead.


Mercury in Cancer thinks from a protective interest about ideas that nurture communities, family, and children. As we can see from Donald Trump, a Gemini whose birthday on June 14, and whose Sun is ruled by his Mercury in Cancer (square Neptune), how he loves to be around his family and his extended family of supporters.


But his emotional mind is confused by the alternative reality of Neptune and will continue to be wildly disruptive during this OOB phase. He will become even more agitated as Mars turns retrograde on June 26 and also goes OOB.


Over the month ahead, your mental energy is best applied to something responsible and helpful. Fortunately, the authority of Saturn in Capricorn opposes Mercury in Cancer and urges your disciplined response to important communications.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Saturn sits on Trump’s Mercury and holds a counterweight to Trump’s escalating disruption of domestic and international agreements that are supposed to represent the interests of the people of the United States.


A Moon in Gemini can act out any part. And as the Gemini New Moon does an awkward dance with Pluto, there’s an emotional skittishness and imbalance with the normally quick-thinking Gemini.


All that is feminine is represented by the Moon. Use your psychic sensitivity and perceptiveness to discern the truth. And understand you’re vulnerable to emotional appeal. Does something feel right AND make sense?


The union of the Sun and Moon in Gemini is also in an unusual angle with the ongoing Mars and Uranus dance that’s pushing everyone to take a radically different approach.


Amid the intermittent insanity in the month ahead, it’s important to stay connected with your unique vision while noticing you may be shocking and disturbing others with your own special perceptions.


You likely feel both like a wondrous child and a wise adult watching over the wild child within. You can’t ignore what you feel and it needs to be expressed.


Use the power of this Gemini New Moon to review your life projects with an eye to shift your perceptions through preparation, nurturance, and strengthening yourself with nourishing love and objectivity.



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