Nurture Your Evolution with the First Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon in Cancer on Friday, April 12, 2019, at 12:06pm PDT/3:06pm EDT/7:06pm GMT


The Moon in Cancer expresses from the unconscious mind. As the apprentice of your conscious understanding, Moon in Cancer holds the feelings that give depth to the soul of who you are.


You are growing into more of your whole self with this First Quarter Moon in Cancer.


Every day is an emotional rebirth, and this Moon demonstrates how you are connecting with what was buried before.


What you’ve been avoiding, everyone has been avoiding.


With the Moon shedding nurturing light on the shadows to spur new growth, conjunct the North Node, and Saturn and Pluto giving sobering perspective on past conditioning on the South Node, the Sun in Aries energizes the will to be and feel the totality of who you are.


While in retreat today with Matt Kahn, as this First Quarter Moon was perfecting, he talked about the ego being energetic armor that keeps you ready for battle.


But as you wake up, as we are all collectively awakening, you can’t heal and transform with that armor on. Pluto so close to the South Node is showing you there’s no time to be afraid anymore.


Ancient ancestral dysfunctions can change now.


Unlike those before you, you have the awareness of how to wholly accept yourself. True self-love changes your approach to your external world and changes your experience.


A cosmic shift is unlocking energy to rewire old paradigms and openin you to share more love and honest compassion.


The seeds of your intentions are gathering strength as you enter the second week after the Aries New Moon.


As Matt Kahn asked, what in you begs to be valued? What are the words you’ve been waiting to hear? There’s no greater gift than being totally on board with YOU. Don’t wait for others to tell you, it’s time for you to heal you!


Only you can melt your ego armor with the heat of self-approval.


If you don’t like yourself as you are, you won’t like who you become. In this powerful lunar phase of beginning, cultivate a habit of holding love for you.


Tell yourself how amazing you are. Give yourself credit. Everyone will benefit!


In this last week of Aries, I’m here to help you love yourself more with your natal astrology and numerology charts through transits and progressions, as well as a Tarot reading when needed.

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