Nurture What’s Needed

JUNE 29 HOROSCOPE – The simple pleasures become essential to your wellbeing as what’s most important rises to the surface.

The Moon moves into grounded, Venus-ruled Taurus, and soothes any jitters you’ve had from all the activity of the past two energized days in Aries.

Venus is in Cancer and your need for what’s comfortable can’t be ignored. Cancer nurtures everything and everybody. What needs love right now? What needs the soul-infused energy that Cancer shares so sweetly?

In the pool of this precious oasis, that sits in this wild, harsh world that you live in, you can collect your thoughts along the same theme as Mercury goes into Cancer and Mars stations direct shortly after.

Mars moving forward after such long retrograde (since April 17) may seem almost anti-climatic. It’s a drop in the shimmering pool of healing waters that you’re trying to lounge in. You’ve found your own energy at this point. Who needs Mars?

Ahh, but you’ll feel this new activation of Mars as it gets moving. Mars is at 23º Scorpio until July 11. Mars will help you walk your true talk that you are much clearer about now.

You’ve been very patient as you’ve reviewed your life over these past 10 weeks. It hasn’t been easy. You had to find a way and you did. Now there’s help to activate the house themes where Mars is restless and ready to get busy in your chart.

Venus in Cancer has a special message for you. Don’t forget what you’ve learned about yourself since April. Take stock of what’s needed because you are ready to go get it now.


  • Moon in Aries sextile Mercury in Gemini at 12:46am PDT/8:46am GMT/7:46pm AEST
  • Moon void of course in Aries at 12:46am PDT/8:46am GMT/7:46pm AEST
  • Moon enters Taurus at 3:03am PDT/11:03am GMT/10:03pm AEST
  • Mercury enters Cancer at 4:24pm PDT/12:24am GMT/11:24pm AEST
  • Mars in Scorpio stations direct at 4:38pm PDT/12:38am GMT/11:38pm AEST
  • Moon in Taurus sextile Sun in Cancer at 5:29pm PDT/1:29am GMT/12:29pm AEST
  • Venus in Cancer sextile North Node in Virgo at 9:02pm PDT/5:02am GMT/4:02pm AEST
  • Moon in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces at 10:59pm PDT/6:59am GMT/5:59pm GMT

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