October Forecast and Last Quarter Moon in Cancer

Last Quarter Moon in Cancer on Tuesday, October 2 at 2:45am PDT/5:45am EDT/9:45am GMT

Venus retrograde beginning Friday, October 5, at 10°50′ Scorpio through Friday, November 16 at 25°14′ Libra.


October begins with the Sun in fair and justice-oriented Libra striving to balance with the penetrating intensity of Scorpio.


The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer opens you to some of the feelings you’ll understand more about in the next 45 days while Venus is retrograde in Scorpio.


Sensitive and protective, the Moon in Cancer in a challenging angle with the Sun in Libra is a contrast of divergent assessments. You have a lot of information, but none of it feels like an easy solution.


Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto stationed direct late on September 30. While it was retrograde for the past 5 months you’ve become aware of some of the ways you allow others to overpower you. You understand more about what scares you and how to face your external fears more directly.


Back in April, Pluto stationed retrograde conjoined Mars, the masculine planet of war that reflects how you apply your energy. Pluto always transforms what it connects with. Mars took you on an odyssey to explore your different facets of anger while it was retrograde from June 26 to August 27. You’ve faced challenges and opportunities you didn’t imagine having to confront and you’re clearer now about how to manage your power with others.


Pluto is ready to prod Libra’s ruler, Venus, in Scorpio since September 9, to help you discover your innermost truth while it’s retrograde. You can’t keep a secret from Pluto. Pluto is power and like Plutonium, the radioactive element, it can create massive explosions under pressure. The personality of Scorpio via Pluto is uncompromisingly direct in getting to what’s important. It’s vital to let it do its work.


You’re on a journey to discover more about your internal machinations. Events or people from the past will return to you in memories or conversations. You may feel obsessed about understanding why something occurred a long time ago and why it wouldn’t happen now because of who you have become. You may feel vulnerable and uneasy with accepting things that don’t feel complete.


Venus represents women. Venus is what you want, what you value, and how you enjoy what you have. Venus isn’t comfortable in Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio wants to possess and consume its desire. All or nothing. Your deeply passionate feelings will continue to transform existing dynamics when you bring them to light with the confidence you’ve learned from Mars in the past months.


The integration of your power with the truth of what you value is your next level of understanding. Mars is the active principle and Venus is receptive. What you hold within is being integrated for new expression.

With such passion, what was unknown will be understood a little more. The force of love consumes and pulls you into all that is sacred and true. Wherever 10° Scorpio to 25° Libra moves in your natal chart, you will want to embody passionate fulfillment in that area of your life.


Since Venus represents women, the effect of women demonstrating their power will continue during this Venus retrograde. What’s the most desirable outcome for the good of all? More truth serum applied will bring the whole story to light. With all the information, judgments will rule important decisions.


In a world pulsing with the voice of women demanding justice and elevating awareness, there’s already a lot of tension that won’t go away while Venus retrograde wades thru in the waters of Scorpio. I predict Brett Kavanaugh will not sit on the Supreme Court of the United States. More details will be revealed during the next 6 weeks that will demonstrate he doesn’t have the integrity for this most powerful court position.


You’re finding a way to energize what’s integral to your being. Be gentle with yourself and others during this month. It’s easy to judge, but only do it when it’s necessary. There’s always another side to the story.


Here are some of the highlights of October 2018:

  • September 30 Pluto stations direct – You have the energy to tackle the projects that require all of your attention.
  • October 2 Mercury square Pluto – Your thoughts are intense and can be sharply projected. Use it to discern not destroy.
  • October 5 Venus in Scorpio stations retrograde – Getting to the root of your psyche and desires to actualize more of you.
  • October 8 Libra New Moon – New cycle of nourishing relationships begins.
  • October 9 Mercury enters Scorpio – Conversations go deep to discover more.
  • October 10 Mercury opposes Uranus, Venus squares Mars – Unexpected costs may unsettle your perspective. There’s
  • another way.
  • October 11 Sun in Libra square Pluto – Act on issues that need to be known.
  • October 15 Mercury conjoins Venus in Scorpio – Great time to share intimate or difficult concerns.
  • October 19 Mercury in Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius – Are your words matching your actions?
  • October 23 Sun enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus – Expect the unexpected.
  • October 26 Sun conjoins Venus in Scorpio – You understand more about your evolving self with the Venus retrograde.
  • October 29 Mercury in Scorpio conjoins Jupiter – You transformative story can enlighten others.
  • October 30 Mercury enters Sagittarius – The mood lightens with big ideas to carry the depth of your discovery.
  • October 31 Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, Venus retrograde enters Libra – Freedom to be and sensitivity to the needs of others will set you free.


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