Opening to More with the Super Virgo Full Moon

Virgo Super Full Moon on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 7:53am PST/10:53am EST/3:53pm GMT


Full Moons bring a more complete perspective of the intentions you set forth with every New Moon.


Each Full Moon stretches your awareness with the contrast of the opposing signs pulling you from either side of the Earth.


In many ways, this closest Supermoon of 2019 in Virgo reflects a powerful next chapter of potential with the intentions you sowed in the Aquarius lunar cycle.


At 0°Virgo, the Moon opposite the new 0°Pisces Sun, you can witness the magnified contrast between the day-to-day churn of details in life and the cosmic, infinite awareness that transcends the personal.


Virgo Moon knows there’s always work to be done to help and serve loved ones and those who are unknown but need the same care.


With Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, conjoined Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, you have the support of the cosmos to change the way you think about your daily life.


You’re cultivating a bridge to higher consciousness to bring light and hope to the gritty details.


This Super Virgo Full Moon is a gift in a time of massive change.


If you’ve been reading my stories on Instagram, you’ve kept up with the day-to-day alignments. We’re already in the thrust of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that’s a major part of the signature of 2020.


Questions about integrity are threatening all forms of normalcy. Pluto is pointing out what needs to change. The structures that have been assumed as being a part of the foundation are not how they’ve appeared.


You, like me, may be experiencing the disintegration of people, concepts or forms you thought were really there.


The following Full Moon will be in the balance of Libra, and we’re already working on cultivating equality.


To cross a bridge to a new territory in your life, you have to let go of where you’ve been.


You’re releasing outdated parts of your personality. Particularly the big ones, like fear, shame, and procrastination.


As we look into this enormous magnified Moon, we’re unified by what we can all see clearly.


Sun in Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and represents the collective consciousness we all swim in. Pisces brings a culmination of lessons to prepare for a new evolutionary phase.


Moon in Virgo is the medicine of truth that every person has access to. No one is exempt. Everyone is included.


We stand on Earth enveloped by the cosmic mystery. The veil of distractions that have hidden the truth of how you have accepted less for the Earth and yourself is lifting.


While you cannot control others, you can control what you accept and demonstrate to your inner self.


Chiron, the wounded healer, is now in Aries (as of Monday, February 18, at 1:07am PST) for the next 8 years.


Dwarf-planet Chiron orbits between the karmic responsibility of Saturn and the awakening perspective of Uranus.


Uranus is the first transpersonal planet in our solar system and so Chiron represents the bridge from the personal to the collective experience.


Chiron in Aries brings your unique contribution into the painful view.


You’re empowered to break through areas of your life where you’ve felt weak or disempowered.


You can draw the line of what’s you and what’s another, while cultivating the fire of Aries to assert your individuality and get out into the world with your one-and-only contribution.


As Saturn brings heavy realities to respond to, you’re empowered to cross the bridge to higher understanding, before where you stand, crumbles.


You have the power to change how you approach all the details of your life. Together, we are independently transforming.


Inner cleansing and discernment are essential at this time.


By rebalancing after releasing what doesn’t serve you, you’re more empowered to wholly collaborate in creating a better world for all.


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