Out of the Shadows with the First Quarter Moon in Leo

First Quarter Moon in Leo on Sunday, April 22 at 2:45pm PDT/5:45pm EDT/9:45pm GMT


On Sunday, Pluto stations retrograde (at 8:25am PDT), and the Moon moves into the creative fire of Leo (at 10:08am PDT) and squares the Sun, now in the sensual earth of Taurus, to create the First Quarter Moon in Leo.


Once again the cosmic weather is changing. The lunar cycle that began just a week ago is revealing the first challenges in asserting your initiative as you advance on your bold and brave plans.


Arising is your realization of what’s no longer sustainable. It may not be anything big, but you know something has to change in order to hold true to what you value for you.


Proud Moon in Leo won’t let you give up what matters most to your heart. And this may spark a conflict with the solid power of Sun in Taurus with her ruler Venus, also in Taurus. But if you don’t feel it, you just won’t do it.


With Pluto retrograde for the next five months, you can immerse yourself in this annual opportunity to look at the inner parts of your psyche more deeply than the other seven months of the year.


There’s a difference this year. Pluto has been working with Saturn since December of 2015 to add urgency to your desire to fulfill what you’ve been longing for. With both of them now retrograde, it’s up to you to complete your unfinished business. You can’t depend on others to do it with you or for you.


Together we’re in the middle of a long rebirthing process that will culminate when Saturn conjoins Pluto in January 2020. And this week Mars, representing your drive and disciplined energy, moves to conjoin Pluto.


You can see things in a new light now. Maybe you realize you’ve been enmeshed in an out-of-balance relationship or you recognize something else is controlling your life.


Be especially aware of your actions this week. Everything counts. You’re able to reflect on your personal patterns and courageously bring the truth to light. What you’ve been denying could have consequences if you let it continue.


You don’t have to be angry to express your power. Within, you’re being pushed to accomplish something profound and with others, you’re witnessing the potent truth as it surfaces in your relationships.


To get an indication of what you could be hiding in the shadows of yourself, ask yourself what makes you feel most comfortable in life. Got that? Now ask yourself about the flip side of what makes you so comfortable. How does that comfortable thing actually limit some parts of you?


Everything under the surface will get increasingly uncomfortable until it comes to light. Pluto shows how your true power lies under your discomfort. Be willing to get uncomfortable and you will quickly become more comfortable.


Create a time in your day to regularly reflect on your habits, your patterns, the things you may want to hide from yourself. Are they healthy? Are they supporting your full expression?


To resolve a crisis of feeling stuck with a challenge, have patience and understand the conflicting perspective.


All this planetary intensity emboldens you to solve your toughest problems. Just remember to keep your heart open in the process.



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3 thoughts on “Out of the Shadows with the First Quarter Moon in Leo

  • Frieda Ferrick

    I feel that my life is evolving as it should. The most upsetting thing for me right now is the chaos of our government but part of me is glad because it is that the hatred and ugliness always was there but now it is open, so time for education and love.