Passion to Do More with the First Quarter Moon in Aries

First Quarter Moon in Aries on Saturday, January 13/14, 2019 at 10:45pm PST/1:45 EST/6:45am GMT


You’re at a crossroad with this First Quarter Moon after the Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse brought more information to light in the past week.


Another cosmic storm is on the horizon, and you may wonder how to extend the present calm while it passes.


Your roller coaster ride through life has slowed to take a corner. You may feel the heaviness of inertia around you.


The influence of bountiful Jupiter and magical Neptune have helped smooth out some of your perceptions about things while Neptune has altered your consciousness with some inspired but fuzzy thinking.


Saturn in Capricorn is advancing to oppose (180°) the United States’ Sun (13Cancer) through January 18 and deepening a sobering reality for its citizens and the affected world.


On January 18, the Sun will square off with Uranus, the unpredictable one, and prime you for Aquarius season with some building excitement.


Responsible Capricorn has been keeping life from veering too far out of control, but once the Sun transitions into Aquarius on January 20 to create the first super Full Moon of 2019 as a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, things will come to a head quickly.


The First Quarter Moon represents an internal crisis that develops which supports you in making some changes.


Something is about to disturb your peace of mind.


In a time of hyperbole, you’ve become numb to a lot of things. It’s all over the top.


Somehow some unfortunate truths are about to get more real and you may be inspired to take action.


Whether you’re inspired to help someone in need or to act on a rebellious plan, you may face a tough situation this week.


Once you face the challenge, you’ll be able to see the positive potential.


And there is so much that’s favorable with this First Quarter Moon in Aries that propells your passionate focus with Mars, also in Aries.


Through the week, the flow between your desires and actions will build with the high spirits of Venus in Sagittarius to continue this exciting adventure.


All relationships benefit from this passionate dynamic to push for what’s possible together.


The people will rise with the Leo Lunar Eclipse next week. Children may be seen in a different way.


Use the quiet moments you have to reflect on where you’re going. And the work it’s going to take to make a difference.


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