Personal Power and the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

Total Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on July 27, 2018, with totality beginning at 12:30pm PDT/3:30pm EDT/7:30pm GMT and ending at 2:13pm PDT/5:13pm EDT/9:13pm GMT


The Moon is your partner on Earth. So closely she guides the tides and influences your feelings.


Planetary cycles are something you can count on in turbulent times. On Thursday the self-expressive Aquarius Moon ripens to fullness and reveals some of the fruits of the powerful Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 12.


With significant information that penetrates your unconscious, the nurturing Moon moves over the shadow of Earth to reset your understanding of your personal power.


A deep level of healing opens while the Earth intercepts the creative light of the Leo Sun on the Moon in the longest eclipse of this century.


Visible in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America, this eclipse will be in totality for an extraordinary hour and forty-three minutes, while it conjoins Mars and uploads new information for life on Earth.


Where it isn’t visible, it will still be felt.


How you direct your energy is up for re-evaluation. Collectively we are assessing character, trust, integrity and understanding and our individual capacity to advance a greater good.


Personal power is the medium we relate to each other with. You make a difference in the world by how you influence others. You may have already been thinking about how you can cultivate more power in times where things appear to be falling apart.


Perspective on power is changing with this awakening Aquarian Moon that will closely conjoin retrograde, out-of-bounds Mars in Aquarius and create an outlet for evolutionary growth through its ruler, independent Uranus.


The perception that power is coercive, and only wielded by dictators and high-profile politicians to advance their own interests by bullying others, is evolving quickly out of necessity.


Of course, this isn’t new, but it’s up for consideration during the 103 minutes the Moon is darkened by the shadow of the Earth and through the end of Mars retrograde on August 27. By October 9, when Mars returns to the same place it turned retrograde on June 26 you’ll understand the full significance of this eclipse.


When you feel powerful, you are moved by your own truth.


And when you feel powerless, stress and disease undermine your ability to find creative solutions. In an ever-changing world of disrupted traditions, you too have an opportunity to break free of anything that has oppressed your true desires.


The energy of this eclipse coincides perfectly with the message of Mercury in Leo that stationed retrograde late Wednesday, July 25 through August 18. Mercury retrograde is always a reflective time. This one began its rewind motion in supportive angle with Eris, the feminine expression of Mars, and is adding to your consideration of how you assert your power in the world.


Eris teaches that when you’re disconnected from your deepest purpose, disruption happens to stir your life up.


And upsetting situations will prevail in the world in unusual ways under this eclipse. While uncertainty is uncomfortable, it helps you to define what you want.


Small changes, such as speaking up, offering possible solutions, are some ways you can consistently build a new sense of personal power in your life.


As this Aquarius Full Moon moves to a waning, releasing Moon for the next two weeks, it’s still not a good time to start a new project with Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron retrograde.


Use this time as an internal personal revolution. Become more aware of your feelings about power. Focus on how you can share more of yourself in small yet significant ways.


Nothing can undermine the will of the people when they’re empowered.  Stand for what’s right and make a difference in the world.


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