Power of Emotion with the Cancer Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, at 12:16pm PDT/3:16pm EDT/7:16pm GMT


The Cancer Moon eclipses the Sun and resets your emotional body to nurture a new level of being.


It may not feel comfortable at first.


No eclipse does. And this one will be the longest solar eclipse in six years. Its totality will last 4 minutes and 33 seconds!


Every solar eclipse is a reset for a powerful new beginning. And this one brings attention to how your emotions are the link between your greater understanding and your physical body.


In a year with more than the usual number of eclipses, there’s a lot of information to process.


Cancer, ruler of the Moon, represents the power of the feminine. She brings the source of nourishment to your body soul temple. Cancer gives life to everything that feels like home.


With mother Cancer, you learn to trust your instinctive emotions.


There’s evidence that emotions affect every part of your physical being. But many of us avoid strong feelings or try to make them go away.


Emotions are the language of your soul’s understanding.


Saturn is also prominent with this Cancer Solar Eclipse. And this presents a challenge. It’s opposite physically and metaphorically from the fluid sensitive water of Cancer.


Saturn in Capricorn, the chief of human karma, is close to another conjunction with the South Node, representing the past and what you are moving beyond.


Saturn is the polar opposite of the Moon and Sun.


Saturn teaches duty and responsibility in a cold way. Everything that you do is weighed by Saturn who asks if you’ve done your best. Saturn doesn’t tolerate avoiding what’s required to be impeccable in relationship with others and yourself.


Are you responding to life and your developing consciousness?


With the Moon and Sun in life-giving Cancer opening a new frontier of emotions on one side and Saturn in Capricorn cautioning how this power must be used, you’ll see how this plays out on the world stage.


Cancer represents the people, and Capricorn represents authority.


Since eclipses have a lingering effect, you’ll see how rulers, bullies, and greedy power hungry players may try to take more control in the months ahead.


The long eclipse time of the Cancer Moon over the Sun pushes the power of the people. And this also has the same effect on you, as part of the people.


Saturn helps put backbone to your feelings. This polarizing dynamic helps you discern how to use the energy of your emotions.


Mother Cancer and father Capricorn teach that there are great lessons to be learned through family responsibilities. And this extends to your global family – both ancestral and future generations.


Every eclipse has a family. This eclipse is part of a series that began in 991 and most recently occurred in June 2001.


As a series with Mercury, Pluto, Venus and Jupiter involved, it portends a 6-month influence of new information that involves young people and information that transforms a situation.


This eclipse supports the success of big projects or actions. But you have to be responsible for every action with Saturn so present.


Your creative flow of intuitive inspiration can help you build your identity in the world.


With others, treat those who merit respect with kindness, and eliminate those who’ve abused their power.


This is the cold contrast of Saturn at work.


Funnel your emotional energy into what nourishes and makes your life whole.


The lesson of Cancer is to surrender personal feelings and strive to understand the emotional current of the world family.


Since you’re even more receptive to psychic impressions, it’s not easy to feel the excitement and turmoil of life around you.


Breathe deeply and connect with your higher truth. Exhale and let go of fear.


Your inner stability will thwart negative interference and keep you sane as you harness the powerful force of this time.


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