Purging Dysfunction with the Cancer Solar Eclipse

Cancer Solar Eclipse (visible south of Australia) on July 12/13, 2018 at 7:47pm PDT/10:47pm EDT/2:47am GMT


Tonight’s super Cancer Moon eclipses the light of the Cancer Sun and opens up a phase to begin anew with a bold mandate from Pluto to transcend what’s dysfunctional or simply not working in your life.


This energy isn’t easy for the sensitive awareness of Cancer, the Crab. Emotionally receptive and responsive to the needs of others, Cancer feels it all and is forever working toward greater security.


Pluto in Capricorn, and 180 degrees away in position and attitude, really doesn’t care. Pluto’s perspective is that some things have to be coldly brought to light to uncover dynamics that have obstructed your core power, your true security.


This Cancer Solar Eclipse is a purging of sorts. Your innermost fears, your desire for comfortable protection and focus on family and home are pulled up for honest and intense review.


No sign is truly comfortable with this lineup. But it’s a tough love opportunity to bring light to areas that have been hidden. What has been locked or oppressive will now be unbearable to sustain or continue to passively observe.


Take a look at your chart and see where Cancer resides and then at the opposing house of where Pluto is transiting. Do you see how you may have been over nurturing something to avoid allowing yourself to receive more that nurtures you?


You may feel hardened and self-protective, or you may be hyperaware of many things related to what you may be feeding and seem to compulsively try to control? The power is here, right now, to shift your perspective.


The first step is to identify what you’re feeling. Next, can you see how you’ve been allowing behavioral patterns to continue over a period of time that have helped cultivate your feelings? Finally, can you imagine redirecting your power and creating an entirely different outcome that brings balance and liberation?


A 6-month phase of work on self-mastery begins. Karmic ties can be broken, you can emerge from your straitjacket cocoon and fly to freedom. Surrender to this metamorphosis. You are embarking on a phase of knowing yourself on the deepest level of your being.


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