Putting It All Together with the New Moon in Virgo

Virgo New Moon at 17°Virgo, on Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 11:01am PDT/2:01pm EDT/6:01pm GMT


Virgo wants everything to work out in a pure and humble way. You begin again with a new lunar month of discovering ways to rebuild what has been pulled apart.


After an intense summer of evolving with great changes, you’re ready to recreate your life. While you carefully put your new big picture together you’re developing the most authentic systems for your mind, body, and soul.


The New Moon at 17° Virgo is challenged by Uranus and encouraged by Pluto. You may feel wired with electrical impulses to do something wild to change your life.


Since you have the opportunity, follow the bold adjustments you want to make.


Your new lunar month begins right after the Sun and Moon opposes Neptune at 15°PIsces, and Venus in Libra squares off with Mars, still in Capricorn. You’re emerging from confusion, somewhat frustrated, but you see another way.


Venus moves into Scorpio early Sunday before the New Moon and begins a long testing phase of how deep you’ll go to experience the exquisite secrets of love in every area of your life.


Due to its retrograde motion, the planet of what you value and are able to receive in life will be in Scorpio until January 2019.


Venus will return to the balance of Libra in November to make sure all is fair. In another post, I’ll be sharing more about the Venus Retrograde that will begin on October 5.


The Venus/Mars square that happened Saturday, gave you an idea of the dissatisfactions that you’ll be working out over the next coming months.


Allow your tensions to be channeled into physical release and other creative works. On your own and in partnership, you’ll benefit from the valuable information that surfaces about your desires.


Ask yourself, “How can this be better?” and you’ll discover additional insight.


Consider how you have a much better idea of what you want right now and you’re open to how to make it happen. There’s an underlying initiative to begin anew without the support of old, previously comfortable habits.


It’s time to move forward with a framework that will be illumined by your personal power, your courage to dare, with the trust that you can do this.


All you need to do is your very best.


Life may seem jumbled right now. Events are churning and making way for new constructs. A glimpse of the possible shimmers and whispers to capture your attention.


Your focus will go where your energy flows.


Virgo’s ruling Mercury sprinted into Virgo late Wednesday just before Saturn stationed direct at 2°32’ Capricorn the following morning.


You have the mind to solve the puzzle. And Saturn is serious about supporting you with the tools to address what you want to improve.


What are you fully responding to right now? The month ahead is an opportunity to restore from the ravages of the past months and the current crises in the world.


You have all the pieces. Piece by piece, you’re putting it all together.



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