Radical Honesty with the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius at 3:18pm PDT/6:18pm EDT/7:18pm GMT


It’s been an action-packed three weeks since the Aries New Moon on April 5. In this final week since the Aries beginning, recognize how you’ve started with changes.


As your clarity has grown in April, so has your unabashed courage to express your new perspective, even if your position goes against tradition or where you stood a month ago.


The Sun has been in the stability of Taurus for a week. Taurus, an earth element, and Aquarius, an air element, are fixed signs that bring the fire of your Aries New Moon intentions into form.


The fixed signs get things done. There’s no giving up, you’re committed to the track you’re on.


This Quarter Moon reveals how you’re going against expectations and expressing your non-conformity in a reliably resistant way.


Saturn stations retrograde on Monday to join Pluto retrograde on the Capricorn South Node.


You can’t ignore the churn of old issues that are being completed.


You’re feeling tough planetary love to own your strong instincts and make important decisions about your health, home, family, and relationships. 


You’re becoming stronger. And maybe you’re impressed by how you’ve evolved already. This is still the beginning.


In this darkening cycle of the Moon, destiny is guiding you to let go of the conditions, habits, and people that have limited your soul’s expression.


Now is the time for deliberate, well-evaluated decisions that allow you to build new foundations for you to grow in the years to come.


If something isn’t working, fix it or let it go.


As ever, your words are powerful creative tools. Manipulating the truth won’t work now and will have karmic consequences.


Yes, this is a serious time, but your hopes and wishes are seeding a new beginning.


Drop your conditioned beliefs and become crystal clear about what’s essential for you. It’s materializing as fast as you’re ready to do the work.


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