Rays of Transformation with the Scorpio New Moon

Scorpio New Moon on Wednesday, November 7, at 8:02am PDT/11:02am EDT/3:02pm GMT


Penetrating observations inevitably come to light as a massive solar wave moves over Earth to impregnate a new cycle of profound transformative potential. Darkness envelops the night sky as the Moon in Scorpio is with the Sun.

Potent truth is revealed.


Intensely receptive and emotionally fluid, Scorpio is the sign of Pluto. What develops in this new lunar phase is revealed by looking at how Pluto is involved.


Pluto is in a seductive sextile (60° angle) with the Moon and the Sun. Meaning, the cosmic renewer of the zodiac encourages your personal transformation. 

How can you reconstruct the areas of your life that are commanding your attention?


Beyond the personal, the Sun and Moon in sextile with Pluto is a Scorpionic combination that champions the underdog and reveals a demonstrable wave of concern for those who cannot defend or advocate for themselves.


Pluto has also been in a conjunction-like relationship with Saturn all year long. They will continue to remain close through 2019 until they conjoin in January 2020, the first time since November 1982.


Pluto works in your unconscious or behind the scenes to get to the root of anything.  Pluto exposes the whole truth. Whereas Saturn represents the need for discipline and authority.


Both qualities have to be integrated within or you can feel oppressed with the work involved or the power that appears to elude you.


Pluto and Saturn have been the unrelenting sentries of your personal evolution in 2018.


The sextile of Pluto to this Scorpio New Moon offers an accelerated opportunity to grow if you’re willing to drop old patterns.


And if not, Pluto and Saturn will continue to show you how your life is changing anyway.


Choose to embrace the passionate and raw vulnerability that arises when you uphold what really matters to you.


With this Moon, make a commitment to let go of old habits. Name what you want to purify. Neptune supports your ability to envision a new way. Use the power of your imagination.


You’re stirred up.


The strangeness of Venus retrograde is easing as you recognize what you can do to support your changing values.


Uranus, now back in the final degree of Aries (since May 16, 2018), joins with Eris, the fierce feminine, and electrifies a month-long opposition to outworn values.


Share your passionate truth.


Holding back will only delay your deepest fulfillment.


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