Recalibrating Work with the Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces Full Moon on Sunday, August 26 at 4:56am PDT/7:56am EDT/11:56am GMT


The Sun just moved into Virgo on Thursday, August 23. Virgo is the Virgin holding the sacred mystery, the purest understanding of who you are.


Like the Virgin, you don’t want to be penetrated by anything outside of your purest intentions. You may not want to want anything that takes you away from your true self.


Knowing more about your inner needs, the Pisces Moon waxes to fullness, as a phase of repressed action ends with Mars stationing direct just 26 hours later, on Monday morning, August 27.


Unlike the many recent dramatic lunar events (the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, the longest Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, and the Leo Solar Eclipse), this Pisces Full Moon focuses on your personal evolution and how to ground it with tangible actions.


As you see your challenges, you know what you’re dealing with now. It’s time to pick up the pieces and create something that supports you more.


Neptune speaks as Pisces’ ruler is approached by this luminous Moon. And you may remember from the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio, how Jupiter has been sweetly expanding your dreams while it aligned with Neptune in the past week for the third and final time.


The strong influence of Pisces and Neptune floods life with feelings about possibilities.  Water cleanses and washes life anew. This is a strong current of change. Allow yourself to be pulled with the ideas that move you to new perspectives.


Your mind is excited, as Mercury in Leo, the current Sun in Virgo’s ruler, just passed the retrograde storm on Friday and is pushed by Jupiter’s enthusiasm to gleefully move forward with powerful ideas that uplift others too.


There’s a lot to talk about. There are a lot of things to fix. If you get into the flow with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, they’ll support you in re-establishing a new foundation for action.


Saturn pushes you to set the boundaries that serve you. Don’t forget what Uranus has already ignited from recent surprise revelations. While Pluto is teaching how what you cannot control must move on its own and without your influence. Let it go.


The truth of the Sun in Virgo illumines the peace-seeking Pisces Moon with practical steps to move forward with innovative ideas that bring positive changes.


The Earth is in the middle of a perfect triangle with the Sun being one point and Saturn and Uranus, the other two. Energy is easy to move harmoniously with this Grand Earth Trine. Use self-discipline to support you in flowing with the unexpected in life.


Let go of whatever you’ve been festering over that still hasn’t been resolved. Set it aloft with the accommodating winds of Venus in Libra.


What you value can’t be manipulated into seeking anything but the truth of what really matters.



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