Reflective Healing Through the Month of March

March moves in with the strength of Mars, to steady your energy through the majority of the month in these still extraordinary times.


After the turbulence of February, a month of constructive contemplation is ahead.


You are learning to relax into your own strength.


2019 has shown you a lot already. March supports attention to your mental and physical vitality.


Profound self-care will inspire others while your outer world continues to shift.


Through the month, what you value is changing.


From the first day, Venus, in the final degree of Capricorn, is awakened by the surprising actions stimulated by Uranus, in its final degree of Aries.


Partnerships are pressed to do things differently or to move apart on separate paths.


If you’re done, you’re really done. All the ways you’ve felt disrespected demand certain action to draw the line.


Love is more objective while Venus is in Aquarius from the evening of March 1 until enters the sublime understanding of Pisces on March 26. You cherish friendships and can accept others exactly as they are.


This is a month you need the freedom to do what’s best for you.


Compromising to keep things the same won’t work and will only frustrate you further.


Mercury has been changing how you think. And this will continue to deepen as it turns retrograde in the final degree of Pisces, very close to Chiron, the wounded healer, on March 5.


Words have power. The words you repeat to yourself shape your reality. You may have hurt or been hurt by words that you can now heal.


Delve into vibrational healing all month long as Mercury retrograde in Pisces acts as a conduit for higher energy through your words and hands.


Uranus moving into Taurus is the impetus to change how and what you love.


You had a preview of this shift when Uranus moved into Taurus in mid-May through early November 2018.


Taurus loves to eat. The cost of beef rose significantly during that time and food prices inflated.


The 7-year transit of Uranus in Taurus will be an easier time to be a vegetarian and/or cater to the vegetarian industry.


But grain prices will also increase and may present challenges for bakers.


Since Taurus rules money and wealth, there will be changes for banks too. Currency exchange will somehow be revolutionized.


Taurus encourages you to cultivate safety with your internal resources. What more can you create from within?


The Pisces New Moon on March 6 connects you even more deeply with your literal and figurative dreams.


Life may feel confusing, but you have to move forward with what you do know.


You are supported in applying your evolving perspective.


Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere with the Aries Equinox on March 20. Again, Chiron is close by and holds the focus on healing.


Your individual needs have to be balanced with the pull of others with the Libra Full Moon on March 21.


Mercury stations direct on March 26 at 16° Pisces, conjoined with Neptune, Pisces’ ruler.


The insights you’ve gained through meditation, imaginative visualization, dreaming, vibrational healing modalities like reiki, astrology, and tarot continue to blossom.


Also on March 26, Venus enters the exalted realm of Pisces and enhances the mysteries you’ve been exploring.


With the emphasis on Neptune all month, it’s imperative you only speak the truth.


Hold the highest integrity, or you’ll fall to the dregs of the lowest expression of Neptune and lose what you’ve gained.


Mars enters Gemini and brightens your conversations on March 30.


You can now articulate clearly what you’ve learned and come out of your cocoon to share your healing heart with your beautiful mind.


Make the most of this transcendent month ahead!

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