Saturn Enlightens with the Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Full Moon on Wednesday or Thursday, June 27 or 28, 2018 at 9:52pm PDT/12:52am EDT/4:52am GMT


Full Moons bring ripening results to the intentions set with the previous New Moon, but this one brings outcomes that are more practical than celebratory.


As you move through life, you can get off center and stray from your true path. The cosmic teachers of the zodiac help to realign you with a bigger perspective.


Mars stationed retrograde on June 26, 2018 (at 2:05pm PDT/5:05pm EDT/9:05pm GMT) for a two-month phase to adjust your perspective on how you express your will. And now with this Saturn-ruled Capricorn Full Moon, Saturn conjoins the Moon and opposes the Cancer Sun with a potent lesson on personal responsibility.


Freedom is vital for your soul. But if you roam undisciplined in an area of life that pulls you away from your true essence, then you become beholden to habits that don’t serve your true expression.


Authority or anyone pretending to have authority will find out the truth of their position. They can still be a headache and cause obstruction.


Long repressed anger could be surfacing as dwarf-planet Chiron, the wounded healer, reveals the dynamic experience of this Capricorn Full Moon. You may feel vulnerable and sensitive to the churning of emotions inside you. But with patience, they are informing you about something.


The “fruits” of this Moon may be renewed confidence about anything you’ve been avoiding. Partly because you have to face it now and in doing so, respond to your fears.


Maybe you’ve noticed your thought process has been more serious since the beginning of the Gemini lunar cycle two weeks ago. Saturn, the stern taskmaster, wants your thinking to be practical and effective.


Now that Saturn is putting pressure on the Sun and Moon, your identity and feelings about how you integrate all aspects of your individuality demand your response.


Saturn gives you trials so that you learn how to overcome them. The effect of Saturn can feel limiting and heavy, but if you pay attention, Saturn can become your most powerful ally.


To meet your goals, you may need to retreat from overextending yourself. Or maybe you need to apply more of yourself. Either way, a situation is out of balance and now is the time to take a step back and reflect on your concerns.


Saturn doesn’t care if you lose face. Or have something that will take many years to complete. The longer and humbler, the better for Saturn because Saturn teaches life is a long instruction that involves many hours of practice to understand its full meaning.


If you feel deflated or sad, don’t wait for someone to notice. Affirm your infinite potential. Pull away from anything that is draining you. Create a personal sanctuary to reflect on your life with the nurturing light of this beautiful Moon.



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