Self-Care and the Capricorn Solar Eclipse

New Moon Solar Eclipse at 15°Capricorn on Saturday, January 5/6, 2019 at 5:28pm PST/8:28pm EST/1:38pm GMT


You may have already noticed how 2019 jumped right into the intensity of living in this time with important life questions. 


This Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse is both a beginning and a sign for you to stop and reflect on how you want to change the patterns of the past before you continue.


The universe wants you to consider some things before you go full steam forward with your ambitions for this new year.


Capricorn is the independent goat. The solo and ambitious nature of this surefooted sign doesn’t quit. Those born under the influence of Capricorn know that it’s up to them, if it’s going to get done.


Mars entered Aries New Years Eve (until February 14) and gave you an extra boost to start something new. Uranus in Aries is about to go direct this weekend and stir up even more incentive for freedom and independence.


But before you break into a run, do you know where you’re going?


Capricorn and its ruler Saturn, which is in Capricorn, is a stern teacher about taking personal responsibility for your self and actions with the work that you’re here to do.


Notice how you’re thinking more deeply about your habits in life. This Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse is sandwiched closely between Saturn and Pluto, adding alarm bells to focus on the time you have to do what you have to do.


You may feel heavy with the problems of the world. Your bones may ache. You may want to keep hibernating and figure a way to powerfully step up on your journey.


Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are restructuring your world and they won’t be done until 2020.


Worldwide, you can see transitions in business and governments. You too are being stopped in your tracks to consider your contribution to how things are.


It’s time to develop a strategy to manage the pressures all around you.


Stress can be a gift if you respond to the signs. You need what the world needs, more love and compassion. As a planetary citizen, you’re a part of what’s going on, but you can only control your own response.


You can’t ignore your own self-care.


With this Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse, you become the independent goat to strategize a new phase of greater self-compassionate care.


This Capricorn Solar Eclipse is one of an ancient Saros series of eclipses, named 2 South, that began in 992 and will end in 2235. The last time an eclipse in this series occurred was on December 25, 2000.


This eclipse is noted for its opening of opportunities to find a particular healing, art or humanitarian centered group that could give you tremendous gains.


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With all the uncertainty in the world, some things are even more certain. Love heals and self-love may be the greatest way you can effect positive changes with others.


Read your 2019 horoscope to read more about what this Capricorn Solar Eclipse is focused on for you.


Use this weekend to create a daily plan to recenter your thoughts and habits to restore yourself from the pressures of the world. Practice and you will become an oasis for others.


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