September: Forecast for a Month of Extremes

The ninth month of 2019 begins with one of the longest geomagnetic storms we’ve had in a while.


The number nine amplifies whatever it’s associated with. Nine is a magical number. It’s both a number of endings and beginnings.


And the ninth month of September is a good month to begin new projects.


Mars will be in Virgo all month, driven to create perfection. Satisfaction doesn’t come easy, so it’s best to put this push into something finite that can be perfected. Like solving a problem with analysis or putting it into up-leveling your mental and physical workouts.


It’s not a month to act too quickly. It won’t be easy to stop and question.


But by being patient, reflective, and focused on why you’re doing what you’re doing, you can end unproductive habits and create success now.


The astrology of September confirms this will be a month of cresting energy around the world.


The astrological signatures point to everything being under stress. Yet, with Jupiter and Neptune meeting up for their third and final square this year on September 21, the implications of what’s happening haven’t fully hit home yet.


You’re hopeful good news is just around the corner. Somehow, your worries will disappear. You can’t believe what you’re reading. It isn’t real.


On September 2, the Sun conjoins Mars, where it has been hovering all week with a competitive spirit to work out all the challenges.


Venus, planet of resources, and Mars, planet of how they are applied, create a stimulating T-square to Jupiter/Neptune, September 2-14. This will be a phase that adds to the global questioning of current trends.


Venus and Mars in Virgo will be supporting constructive change with their alignment with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.


Saturn, the serious lord of karma, will do its best to keep you on track in this month of distractions.


Saturn cautions to stick to the basics and do what’s right, while everything else seems loosely hinged around you.


It’s hard to know exactly where you’re going when the Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune on September 10. One step at a time will get you out of the fog.


When Saturn stations direct on September 18 the pressure increases to be accountable for your actions.


The faith of Jupiter aligns in a final 90° angle challenge with compassionate Neptune on September 21, the same day as the Libra Equinox.


Fraud may be discovered. Weird extremes of weather, oil spills and new levels of environmental hazards may disturb the delicate balance of life.


Jupiter and Neptune have lifted your perspective to what’s possible while delaying some basic truth about the toll of the excesses. As they separate and Jupiter speeds forward into Capricorn in December, sobering realities become increasingly clear.


Already, facts are dispelling the delusions with Saturn having stationed direct just 3 days before the final Jupiter/Neptune square.


Saturn, the unexpected hero of September, supports the opportunity to get serious work done and accomplish great results with a deliberate, thoughtful approach.


You can accomplish a lot through good planning and intense effort. 


This is not a month to let your emotions make major decisions. 


It IS a month to move beyond your fears while holding in mind what you’ve already learned through the actions of others.


Common sense and confirmation with intuitive guidance will be your best counsel.


Ask questions about why you do what you do and how you can improve all areas of life.


In a month where Saturn is pushing accountability, I’m here help you face and overcome your fears.  Schedule a full session during this magnified month and use the code: SEPTEMBER to receive 20% off. Or schedule the shorter session special while it’s available.


Your freedom and full empowerment are right there for you to harness as you re-evaluate your perceived limitations. 


Important aspect dates to keep in mind:

September 2, Sun conjunct Mars
September 10, Sun opposition Neptune
September 18, Saturn direct
September 21, Jupiter square Neptune
September 23, Sun enters Libra
September 30, Venus square Pluto

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