First Quarter Moon in Aquarius: Shadow’s Light

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius October 27 at 3:22pm PDT/6:22pm EDT/11:22pm GMT


Every week is different yet similar with the changes that continue to churn.


On Monday the Sun moved into Scorpio and conjoined massive Jupiter on Thursday. Your feelings are amplified and deepened in the areas Scorpio and its ruler, Pluto, are messaging you.


Now for contrast, the Moon moved into the detached perspective of Aquarius early Friday to bring underlying passions and motivations to light throughout the weekend.


Look up at the Moon in the sky tonight and see how the first quarter angle creates an equal contrast of reflected light and shadow. Each quarter angle of the Moon is a predictive tool to understand the messages in play for the week ahead.


When you see the Moon as a half Moon, you know you’re up for an adjustment. As festering hidden emotions come to light in conversation, you may be tempted to think the problem is with another. Regardless of the cause of your pain, trust it’s igniting tremendous healing and integration.


Two weeks ago the Libra New Moon began a lunar month focused on partnerships.


You want to join with what matters to you. But Venus, Goddess of Love is getting a lesson from Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler with this quarter Moon. Before you can be fully involved, you have to know how to really love yourself. Then, you can merge with another.


Today, and into the next week until the Taurus Full Moon on November 3, this lunar phase, initiated by the free-spirit of the Aquarius Moon, awakens your willingness to stand up for what’s genuine, no matter how taboo or dangerous it appears.


Scorpio works with the most potent human secrets. We were all created from a sexual experience and we are all on a journey of constant transformation that will culminate with death. You are only guaranteed this present moment.


Acknowledging the deep truth of your impermanent existence helps lighten the unpleasant emotions that swirl through you as this weekend begins.


Break the rules with raw honesty of what this means for you. This is how genius is born. Feel it and turn it into something breathtaking brilliant.


Be you. You are going to die. You are going to be “rejected” through loss someday sooner or later and feel the pain of separation again and again.


It’s unavoidable. But by accepting this, you’re not here to live in a sterile bubble and try to not feel anything, right?


No.  Love is what you are here to do.


Open your whole truthful heart and trust it intimately as it guides and inspires you. Love will scare you, but it’ll empower you beyond your self-imposed limitations — if you allow it to flow.


The veil between you and the mysteries is thin this week. Listen and remember.



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