Shadows of the Sun with the Last Quarter Moon in Leo

Last Quarter Moon in Leo on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at 9:40am PDT/12:40pm EDT/4:40pm GMT


Dramatic Moon in Leo reveals another week that will likely be punctuated with more disturbing developments.


Last Quarter Moons represent an external crisis. You have to find another way.


This is the third week since the Libra New Moon. The focus of this Last Quarter Moon in Leo is ultimately about the majestic power of the Sun, Leo’s ruler. 


The Sun can flare out. Honor can become dishonor. Those who’ve been in control, can lose control.


The Sun is currently strong in Scorpio and expanded by bountiful Jupiter to keep pressing for the truth. But Leo and Scorpio don’t mix well.


Leo is ruled by the heart and the journey of loving self and others. Scorpio gets energy from the sex organs and the desire for transformation through passionate experience.


These are compatible qualities when in balance.


Leo is proud. But pride in being above the truth and the law carries consequences and can be a shadow of the Leo archetype. 


Scorpio is ruthless. By any means necessary, Scorpio will detect and use secrets for revenge.


These undercurrents are all while retrograde Venus in Scorpio returns to the first degree and an awkward angle with the first degree of North Node in Leo.


This was the same dynamic influencing last week’s Taurus Full Moon.


You’re changing, the world is changing, so allow the changes to alter your automatic approach and consider something different that adds value to your life. Something that could potentially do some good for others.


Venus retrograde will strengthen after it returns to Libra, just 3 hours after this Last Quarter Moon. The next final 16 days of Venus retrograde in Libra will return your desire to create more balance, through justice and greater understanding in all types of relationships.


Before that, Venus retrograde completes its retrograde opposition with Uranus. You’ve been feeling the close pressure of unpredictable Uranus for the past week and month of shocking violent tragedies.


Disruptions raise consciousness about what we are each capable of, for better or for worse.


North node in Leo for the past 18 months has opened your heart to what makes you human, what makes you laugh, and what true success really means. 

Shortly before the Scorpio New Moon on November 7, the North Node will go into protective Cancer.


For 18 months, life lessons will shift from the influence of the masculine rays of the Sun ruled Leo to the nurturing waters of the Moon ruled Cancer North Node.


This is a cyclical change that indicates a growing wave of feminine power.


Mercury will move into Sagittarius shortly after this posts Tuesday evening. This emphasizes the strength of Jupiter in Scorpio and help cultivate a philosophical perspective about the intensity around you and how it applies to you.


Stay humble and dig deep into what you love to create answers.


You’re more powerful than you know.


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