Spiritual Fusion with the Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon at 21°Pisces and Virgo on Friday, September 13, 2019 at 9:32pm PDT/12:32pm EDT/4:32am GMT


The subtle worlds within and around you are more accessible with the Healer’s Full Moon in Pisces.⁠


With the strong presence of Virgo this month, you’ve had to discern what’s true, what’s relevant and what’s helpful in these unusual times.⁠


While understanding percolates from memories that arise in your body as it awakens for integration.⁠


Life, as you’ve known it, has evolved and you’re ready to access new tools for transcendence on a regular, practical basis.⁠


In Pisces, the Moon blossoms into a poetic climax with a refreshing perspective. You don’t have to be pulled and drained by the details of life.⁠


With your invitation, a continuous flow of infinite healing energy is available to restore you and all who request it.⁠


Pisces and Virgo represent the axis of service in the zodiac. They truly care. They don’t turn anyone away because of what they represent.⁠


These two healers present service in its highest form. ⁠


Pisces, the essence of the visionary mystic, who can become lost and confused when it falls into martyrdom, is in tandem and balance with the logical intelligence, humility and discerning focus of Virgo.⁠


Together, they represent the activation of your universal self to bring forth the highest aspects of your potential on Earth.⁠


As a fusion of infinite and physical, you hold the vitality and inspiration to fulfill your purpose in this time of increased dissonance and chaos.⁠


Deep listening. Holding space for what you value. Raising your vibration with positive thoughts, nourishing food and joyful life routines.⁠


These are the practices of a healer.⁠ -⁠ -⁠ The astrological glyph for Pisces (♓︎) represents the unification of heaven and earth in your one body.⁠


Virgo, the fertile Virgin, holds the mysteries in her universal womb of creation (♍️).⁠


Encouraged by the final Jupiter/Neptune square, which are both Pisces’ ancient and modern planetary rulers, you are ready to embrace your soul’s calling.


Set your powerful intention to illumine who you are.


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