Super Gemini Full Moon: Another Echelon Beckons

Super Gemini Full Moon December 3 at 7:47am PST/12:47pm EST/5:47pm GMT


Facets of truth swirl in the fog. Nothing is certain right now. Mother Moon hugs us close to whisper ways to view life in a different light.


Nothing is clear. Everything is in flux. Suspend your belief for the next two weeks. In time, you’ll be glad you reset your expectations.


Mercury in Sagittarius went retrograde a few hours before this Super Full Moon. Ease your boundaries and loosen your perspective.


You are connecting with something within, greater than your personal ego. It will help you to discover greater compassion and more of life’s mystery.


Neptune in Pisces is softening what appeared to be real.


Be kind to yourself and others while you allow your perspective to evolve. You will be ready to empower your vision after the Sagittarius New Moon on December 17.


We’re spinning closer to the center of our fast moving Milky Way. Saturn is already there discerning whether the truth is being told to clear the karmic record before it moves on to Capricorn on December 19.


New information is available from the pulsing energetic heart of our galaxy.


To make really big changes you have to believe in the possibilities to fuel your vision.


While you are finding your way, stay humble in these uncertain times. Anything is possible. Situations are different than they appear. Get the truth but calm your reactions.


Open your heart a bit more.  Hold your focus on love and your own power to create a better reality.


Watch who and what you’re idealizing right now. Or you may become terribly disappointed.


Are your thoughts true to you? Or are you holding ideas you’ve absorbed from another?


You’re reconfiguring your soul drive.


Release the fears and limiting beliefs that have kept you captive to create a better version of yourself in 2018.


Download the intelligence of the cosmos.  You can clear old patterns that have clouded your personal expression.


Understanding more supports you in releasing mental habits that have split your integrity.


Exercise for this week: Identify 3 areas of your life that aren’t ideal. What do they have in common? What would shift your perspective on all three? How can you cultivate that?