Transcend Fear with the New Moon in Scorpio

Saturday, November 18 at 3:42am PST/6:42am EST/11:42am GMT


The Moon and Sun meet together and darken the night sky for the Scorpio New Moon.


This dark sky portends a particularly potent beginning.
The dark womb of the feminine holds the secrets.


And the sign of Scorpio brings you to the experience of the mysteries, one way or another.


Scorpio, being a feminine sign, thrives on holding the hints of the unknown. In a chart it shows where there’s an interest to lever this knowledge to gain an advantage.


Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, planet that zeros in on the truth, no matter how uncomfortable that is.


Mars was Scorpio’s old ancient ruler, before Pluto was discovered.


Mars is currently in Libra and pushing the envelope with transformative Pluto close by on this Scorpio New Moon. Power within and without is being rebalanced.


There’s also an element of surprise in store for the next 29 day lunar cycle. The next three weeks will be influenced by the push for development of dynamic relationships.


Your thoughts are already in the shadow phase of Mercury in Sagittarius before it goes retrograde early on December 3 through December 23.


Anything can change during this holiday season.


And the dreamy retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius is engaging your most adventurous fantasies.


Neptune is active with Mercury and obscuring reality. It’s up to you to create what you want.


This is our fourth retrograde of 2017. It’s been an exceptional year and you probably have a lot to reflect on.


More than anything, you’ve learned how to be clear about what you want 2017. This year may have had quite a few shocks in consciousness that forced you to look at something you’d glossed over.


Console yourself by remembering, when you let go of something, you have the fertile room to create something better.


Don’t make life more difficult than it has to be. Your shift may only be the jettisoning of long-held perceptions to allow you to see the whole picture.


2017 was an independent 1 year (2+0+1+7=10/1). This lunar month is the last full cycle until 2018. You’re laying a foundation for the next year in the month of December. Keep in mind it’s important to get along with others to maximize the benefits of the upcoming 2 year.


Nothing eludes watchful Scorpio. Someone may get stung. But Scorpio only poisons if it penetrates the nervous system.


If you digest the truth, you’ll rise and soar like the eagle, the most evolved non-mythical animal expression of the sign of Scorpio.


In life, eagles flock together and test each other. They’re fearless and will attack their prey without any fear of its size.


Like the eagle, you’re releasing feathers that don’t serve you. You’ll thrive in this storm. You’re testing life and discovering you never really had any limits.


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