Trust Your Truth With The First Quarter Moon in Gemini

First Quarter Moon in Gemini on February 23 at 12:09am PST/3:09am EST/8:09am GMT


The Quarter Moon in Gemini brings information that interrupts the Piscean dream.


Changeable Gemini, another dual sign represented by the twins, challenges the two fish of Pisces.


So much is in flux with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune in the mutable,  most adaptable signs of the zodiac.


Gemini thrives on sharing new information, whereas empathic Pisces can be drained by feeling the all that’s going on.


Like spring snowmelt, the current of life flows with details that have moved into the rising stream.


The result is an increase in misinformation circulating that you may want to avoid, tune out, or transcend.


Ultimately, the truth will heal you.


But what’s really true? Gemini searches for words and meaning. While Pisces seeks peace. Questions about what’s moving through you are the crux of this First Quarter Moon crisis that will be active until the Virgo Full Moon, next Friday, March 1.


As the water churns, you may find yourself increasingly distracted, anxious and confused.


In order to continue your progress with the Aquarian ideals influenced by the Solar Eclipse on February 15,  reflect on how you direct your current of energy.


Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re stressed and out of balance.


Both Gemini and Pisces are notorious for changing the conversation to avoid uncomfortable facts or feelings. Habitually avoiding the stresses of life with diversions is addictive behavior that will keep you off center.


Notice your words or your silence.


From this waxing Quarter Moon through June 13, Saturn in Capricorn is moving through the sensitive zone of the Uranus/Pluto square that has been a catalyst for the volatile times we live in.


Saturn will ultimately show you how you’ve been deceiving yourself and maybe others in these next couple of months.


Integrity is imperative for your sustained success through early 2020. You’re going to know where you get in your own way by compartmentalizing parts of your life as an escape from what really needs your attention.


Exercise the first of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, Toltec spiritualist, and be impeccable with your word.


Every word is a potent creative tool.


Fueling drama and gossip for entertainment will weaken your energy field. Indulging in anything that leaves you less than radiant the next day will keep you spinning in place.


Instead, feel your Pisces-ruled feet. Follow your breath. Take a walk. Hold the space for all that you are.


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