Truth and Justice with the Libra Full Moon

29°Libra Full Moon on April 19, 2019 at 4:12am PDT/7:12am EDT/11:12am GMT


It’s been 29 days since the Libra Equinox Full Moon on March 21.  You’ve learned a lot about yourself in relationships.


Every Full Moon marks a ripening and completion, but this Full Moon in the final degree of Libra takes you to a new threshold. You’re all in or you’re done.


There’s no half-hearted conclusion.


Libra loves agreement, but Libra can’t live with contradictions. If peaceful harmony is consensual, then love blossoms in the most extraordinary ways under this Moon.


But if the truth indicates otherwise, it’s impossible to pretend the imbalance is acceptable or tolerable.


When the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn are involved, it a powerful catalyst to do something about your desires.


The Cancer North Node opposite the karmic sentries Saturn and Pluto on the South Node creates a cross with the Libra Full Moon.


You’re fueled to take action.


What was has passed is in your rearview. With a step toward the future, you’re learning to harness your energy so that you don’t over-assert yourself.


After a long time of not knowing what you wanted, suddenly you’re in motion.


Exactly four weeks ago the Mueller report was completed. It took an entire lunar month to get the redacted version to released to the public by the Justice Department.


Libra is always balancing and recalibrating with analytical judgment. As an air sign, it breathes fire into the Aries flame that will continue to burn.


While deeper emotions simmer as the Moon moves into Scorpio only 90 minutes after it becomes full.


Surprising information may come to light in these next few days and reveal something you hadn’t considered.


As the Sun enters stable Taurus Saturday, its ruler Venus exits Pisces and joins Mercury, in Aries. Mars, Aries’ governing planet that pushes action, is highlighted while as it goes out-of-bounds the same day.


An evolutionary sequence is unfolding.


What’s going on now is an indicator of what will continue to unfold through 2020.


If you have planets in 20° – 29° of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, your life path is changing dramatically.


Countries have birthdates too, and astrological transits impact what develops. The United States is significantly affected by this transit of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, which will likely transform the government by giving no alternative.


Collectively, this is an opportunity to let go of outworn paradigms. A new path of greater harmony is awakening.


You know what doesn’t support you. Trust you will see new possibilities that will bring your life into a better flow.


How you use your mind is key.


After more than 2 months of Mercury in Pisces, you’ve learned how vital it is for you to connect to meditative practice for greater understanding.


Your mental explorations may be breaking down the inner walls that have hidden trauma and painful experiences.


Do more than forgive those who have hurt you. Bless them with a life of happiness and love.


They weren’t in their right mind. And holding a grudge will make you lose yours.


Life moves on in transformative ways. This is an extraordinary time to be alive. Changing your perspective offers many gifts.


Yet, there are no commitments. It’s up to you to ask for what you want.


Let this Libra Full Moon reflect light on the opportunities you have to grow and move beyond what was holding you back.


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