Wake Up Call with First Quarter Moon in Virgo

First Quarter Moon in Virgo on Sunday, June 9th and 10th at 10:59pm PDT/2:59am EDT/5:59am GMT


Moon in Virgo brings some practical sense to a hyper imaginative time.


You started the Gemini lunar cycle knowing your communication was going to get an upgrade.


As more information rushes in, you’re finding new ways to process this.


Keep reminding yourself, you’re the driver’s seat. It’s your journey.


You’re more powerful than the circumstances around you. And life is proving how invincible you are.


But that doesn’t mean this is a comfort zone.


If life is flipping you upside down, it’s to show you what’s right side up.


Moon at 20° Virgo holds the sword to cut to the truth. And this is a valuable tool in this time of dueling details.


There’s no need to fight. It’s just time to stand up for what’s right.


Moon in Virgo creates a grand cross with the other three mutable signs with this First Quarter Moon.


Sun in Gemini, Moon in Virgo, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces are pulsing with fluctuating mundane and cosmic data.


More and more, you’re awakening to how you’ve been asleep.


Somehow, you didn’t see how shutdown you were before. And with the growing energy and light, you don’t want to go back to how you’ve been.


You’re midway through June, in the middle of 2019 and at the center of a mutable cross that includes the three dual signs of the zodiac (Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces).


With all the dual signs pushing you, you need balance.


The Moon in Virgo is the healing filter of truth you’re ready to use.


Maybe you’ve been spending too much of your time with others. Or maybe you’ve been covering up painful feelings with food, drugs, alcohol, co-dependent relationships, spending, or anything else you needed to feel good.


Or maybe you’ve been resisting contact and spending too much of your time alone. Perhaps you’ve avoided taking action on anything for fear you’ll fail.


This week shakes it all up. It’s time to balance out whatever you’ve been doing. It’s easier to respond differently now.


Use this mutable energy to reset what you’re likely guilty of: negative self-talk. You’re more than worthy. You’re way more powerful than you know.


As everything expands, you have an opportunity to reset your center and affirm what you want.


You’ll be entertained by life.


From today until Venus in Gemini moves to activate the Jupiter/Neptune square, the cornerstone of the 2019 wakeup, on June 24, it’s going to be a wild ride.


Life may feel like a party. Keep your balance and use this energy for personal transformation, or you may have deep regrets later on.


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