Doing the Work with the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn

Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn on Saturday/Sunday, April 8/9, 2018 at 12:17am PDT/3:17am EDT/7:17am GMT


Seeds of innovative change are starting to sprout. You’re now in the final week of the Pisces lunar cycle that began on March 17 and this is also the final week of Mercury retrograde. Mercury will start moving forward with the Aries New Moon on April 15.


Maybe you’ve noticed how this Mercury Retrograde in Aries has been working on you to focus on how words and money empower or disempower your individual expression?


It’s still not time to act on anything new.


Trickster Mercury will continue to zigzag you through this week. Remember that the final days of a retrograde are the most uncertain time to make a decision, or to transport or communicate anything important.


Frustration grows as initiative glows with the cardinal influence of the Moon and 6 planets in Capricorn and Aries.


Saturn and Mars govern these actively ambitious signs and increase the effect of the sobering Mars and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn.


April is a powerful month to tackle your most discouraging challenges. But you need to know where you’re directing this energy by contemplating what’s running through your mind.


It’s time to climb your tallest, scariest inner mountain. You have the strength to endure and succeed, but it may not feel like the easiest journey.


Life these days is an every-day transformative process. There’s a Plutonian trigger in this Moon indicating more important shifts are up this week.


At the beginning of the year, I explained how we would be revisiting changes inspired by the Uranus/Pluto square that aligned seven times from June 24, 2012 to March 16, 2015 at 8° – 15° of Aries and Capricorn.


Uranus holds the unexpected possibilities. Pluto works on the deepest level of your psyche.


Where Pluto sits in your chart reveals unresolved compulsivity and uncoordinated control. If you try to deny the truth of Pluto, you’ll prolong your transformative work into a better version of yourself.


The Moon in Capricorn aligned with Pluto in this waning quarter Moon urges you to dig deeper into the shadows of your inner self. The more you face what needs to be addressed now, the more freedom you’ll have to make a quantum leap with the power of the Aries New Moon on April 15 that’s fueled by the genius spark of Uranus.


Affirm who you are and focus on the “I am” within you.


The weight of Capricorn and it’s ruler Saturn can bring up all kinds of fear of essentially not being enough. The intention is not for you to fear but for you to respond and correct it with diligent practice.


Listen to what you say to yourself.


The planetary lesson of the week is to choose to self-affirm instead of self-suppress. Your power begins where your fear ends.


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