Wounds Can Become Gifts

JUNE 27 HOROSCOPE – Courageous Moon in Aries begins the week and gives you the boost of energy you need to face any challenge that arises head on.

Chiron, the wounded healer, and planet with a comet-like eccentric orbit will go retrograde at 25º Pisces for its yearly retreat until December 1, 2016 when it stations direct at 20º Pisces.

According to myth, Chiron the centaur was half-human and half-horse who, after some emotional and psychological wounds as a child, was wounded by a poisoned arrow. Since he was a son of a god, he could not die, and so he had to struggle to work on healing his pain.

Chiron dedicated his life to healing others while he hoped to find relief from his own suffering. Where Chiron is in your chart is where your wound is.

Chiron shows the early wounds that fester and ask for attention over the course of life. It’s not every day that they’re felt, but when you have a transit to Chiron, your inner child returns for attention to the core needs and fears that weren’t met earlier.

When Chiron is retrograde, in your birth chart or by transit, it’s harder to let go of the past. The message of Chiron in Pisces is to recognize our interconnection and overcome the feeling of being victimized, by understanding we are all in this dance together. The walls we put up between each other are the wounds that need to be healed.

Chiron was highlighted in Einstein’s chart. Einstein was slow to learn how to speak and was told he wouldn’t amount to much. His weakness became his strength when he used his imagination to see life in pictures instead of words.

It may be difficult to share your pain with words when Mercury squares Chiron retrograde today. Remember how your wounds can become your gifts.


  • Moon enters Aries at 12:08am PDT/8:08am GMT/7:08pm AEST
  • Chiron stations retrograde at 4:10am PDT/12:10pm GMT/11:10am AEST
  • Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces at 6:53am PDT/2:53pm GMT/1:53am AEST
  • Mercury in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces at 9:25am PDT/5:25pm GMT/4:25am AEST
  • Moon in Aries square Sun in Cancer (Last Quarter Moon) at 11:19am PDT/7:19pm GMT/6:19am AEST
  • Moon in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius at 7:37pm PDT/3:37am GMT/2:37pm AEST
  • Moon in Aries square Venus in Cancer at 9:59pm PDT/5:59am GMT/4:59pm AEST

Image by Sydney Perry

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