September AstroNumeroScopes

The super full moon on August 29, will continue to powerfully resonate completion as we move through September. The “super” effect of it being closer to the Earth is part of it. The Virgo perfecting, Pisces dissolving energy also sharpens our awareness of what’s changing.

September, being the 9th month of the year is the peak month in numerology. It’s a pivotal month with Venus going direct on September 6 and joining Mars, two eclipses, Mercury retrograde and the Libra Equinox. For now, just focus on your AstroNumeroScope to keep the big picture of what’s important for you.

Our lives are always resonating with conscious and unconscious rhythms. Your birthdate is an example of a rhythm that you didn’t consciously choose, but effectively codes the cycles in your life with unintended precision. Your birthdate resonates with 2015 and creates another vibration. To celebrate the perspective shift available with this Pisces full moon I’m going to share how your numerology can inform your astrology with my creation of AstroNumeroScopes, forecasts that integrate your Sun sign with your personal year.

Calculate what personal year number you are in for 2015 by taking your month of birth, and add your date of birth, and the current year,  2015 (8), and reduce that number to a single digit. Let’s say you find that your personal year is a 1 this year – then for you, the seeding of new ideas, new projects new growth is the general overlaying theme. All year you have been working on the all the elements that support your full expression of this number in your life.

Using the example of a 1 personal year, you would add that to the number of each month. January would be a 2 (1 + 1), February would be a 3 (1 + 2) and so on until we get to September, and realize the magic of 9 and have a month the same number as your personal year (1 + 9 = 10/1). September is the month where numerologically you start to see the results of your intentions with the vibration of your year!

With your personal year number in mind, find your astrological Sun sign (Moon and Ascendant will work too) and read the forecast for the year you just derived.

Let me know if this AstroNumeroScope forecast resonates with you in the comments below or by directly messaging me. And if you want more, hop on over to schedule a session with me and make the most of the fulfillment possible in September.


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