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Feeling a little edgy? The crux of your electric changes is upon you. The bold bright independent Aries Sun is approaching and conjoining the cosmic evolutionary change makers, Uranus and Eris tonight, tomorrow and lingering for a day.


Nothing is normal. Everything is individualized. You are thrust into unexpected situations to find answers to questions that’ve been prickling you but you didn’t have the push to explore until now.


Mercury and Venus retro are returning you to some lingering issues for you to take a good look at what your inner revolution is blooming.


You are at once excited and distracted. New possibilities are opening, yet your connections with others and world may seem a little strange and unanticipated.


Consider all that’s going on and understand how what you think you want, may not actually be what you want. Remember this as you’re fueled to act impulsively.


Your creative intentional inspiration is strong. Feel your thoughts and capture them for further review. Your friends may offer triggers that support your goals.


Notice how you’re questioning what you might have thought you needed to conform to. Questioning your questions brings you new answers.


The Moon in the depths of Scorpio intensifies all of this. Let go of your inner hesitations and embrace this opportunity for real growth!


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