Creative Magic with the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini at 11:25am PDT/2:25am EDT/7:25am GMT


The multifaceted mind of Gemini pushes you to question some external events that evolve this week. Two weeks ago the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius gave you some internal challenges to figure out what really mattered to you.


Now with this Last Quarter Moon, situations are asking you to define what you want to create. Moon in Gemini and the Virgo Sun are both ruled by quicksilver Mercury. Information creates excitement and new solutions this week to enhance your life.


Mercury moved back into Virgo late Saturday after returning and exiting Leo. You’re in a strong position to figure out the areas of your life that you’ve been pondering since August 12, when it went retrograde.


It’s as if you were disconnected from reason and had to use your other senses to fill in the details that your mind couldn’t clarify – until this week. Now it’s quickly coming together.


The message of the Leo Solar Eclipse has been so important to understand. Even with the turmoil and unrest in the world, you’re getting a lot of support to follow the heart of the eclipse in your life.


Venus, the planet of relationships and material abundance, is still in the warm heart of Leo. Creativity expands with the help of Jupiter so close to the rewards of Spica, and the thoughts to fuel your ingenious imaginings that can cultivate roots now.


With this Final Quarter Moon, Saturn supports Venus to keep you stable while you step out of predictability to follow your heart. This is an opportunity to trust your instincts and do what feels right for you. You don’t need to be like anyone else. Outliers get the attention and the results now.


There is a caveat with all this possibility. As you define what you want in your life, are you also willing to follow it through with what you’re putting into motion? Will you embrace the effects as they ripple through your patterns, relationships, and beyond?


Still, feel the magic in the air. Your words are especially powerful right now. Overindulging your desired whims could cost you in the long run. Be careful what you ask for. You’re likely to get it.


To reap the most benefits, focus on using this energy to expand the area of your life (natal chart) where the 28ºLeo Solar Eclipse moved through. Not sure where that is? Contact me and I’ll be happy to help you figure that out.

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