April Forecast: Reconstructing Your Foundations

April is a month of reconstruction.


With the urge for new growth, there’s also a demand to adjust to the radical shifts of this time.


The astrology of April aligns with the numerology it being the 4th month of the year.


Foundations must be secure before you build new structures.And you need to adjust to what that means for you personally.


You aren’t the same person you were a month ago.


Life has irrevocably changed and you’ll need to integrate additional considerations in the month ahead for you to fully blossom in May.


The “I am” of Aries fuels your search for being.


What’s real for you and how can you find peace with what is? Nothing’s obvious on the surface and additional chaos is coming that’ll demand more time to process.


The gears are shifting on your winding drive of understanding your true self.


Tomorrow, April 2, passionate Venus in Aries backtracks into the duality of Pisces. Your urgent desires notice what’s missing.


Adding more wood to the fire of incentive to recognize the truths in your life, Saturn, the authority on your real foundations, stations retrograde on April 5, in harsh aspect to Venus retrograde. You are forced to look at the reality of what you want.


Life is tough. There’s love and there’s the absence of love.


Can you expand your heart to compassionately fill the missing void? Self-love is essential right now. It’s critical for your future growth. It’s a practice you can control.


If you focus on finding inner balance and moving through your pain in relationships while Saturn is retrograde, you’ll benefit from the blessings of your work when Saturn moves forward on August 25.


Saturn is about consistency over time.


Your reward will be even sweeter after the delay – if you keep doing what you know you need to do.


Pluto, the truth-seeking transformer, is also starting its annual retrograde cycle, beginning April 20. With Pluto at angle with the opportunities of Jupiter, the key to success is by removing harmful obstacles to allow greater growth.
Up through September 28, the areas where there have been constrictions in your life will be probed and brought to light.


Throughout April, your heart and mind are focused on actionable spiritual and practical values.

Create the space to regroup and reflect so that you will fully blossom in May and beyond.


I need this too. In April, I’ll support you with more communications about what’s going on each week. I’ll offer discounts, meditations and live Q & A (coming soon!) to get to the heart of your concerns. If you miss the horoscopes, let me know. We’ll figure out a way to make sure you get what you need to thrive in this time.


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