Great American Total Eclipse of New Leadership

Great American Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21, 2017 at 11:30am PDT/2:30pm GMT/6:30pm GMT


The Great American Total Solar Eclipse in Leo effectively torches the facade of tolerance in America. The path of eclipse totality creates a line that cuts across the nation and offers an opportunity to reconfigure perspectives. Millions of Americans are preparing for this rare event.


Eclipsing in the final degree of noble Leo, the proud creative Lion, attention is focused on the characteristics of the Sun. The magnetic Moon initiates the reboot as she moves into perfect alignment between the Sun and the Earth to block the Sun’s light. Along the path of totality, daylight will turn to the starry night sky for a full two minutes, as the Sun and Moon align as one.


Astrology reveals with signs and symbols.


The Sun is your sense of identity and represents the father or the vocation of the husband in a woman’s chart. It may shine on ambition and affection — or overbearing glory-seeking vanity. It can indicate honor or disgrace. With the current alignment, American men in positions of power are highlighted.


President Donald Trump will receive this eclipse on his ascendant, the point of how he projects himself to the world publicly and impersonally. It’s the mask of his identity. He was born under a lunar eclipse and this solar eclipse will reveal how well he’s used his power. And whether he can maintain his position as leader of the United States.


Anyone who thinks they’re above reproach will be affected by this eclipse. Petty tyrants, big bullies — those who think they’re in total control will find a humbler world when the Moon releases the Sun to restore the full light.


And if you’re not one of the dictatorial types, you’re thinking a lot more about how much more respect you want to cultivate in your life. You’re reconsidering your dynamics. What feels good and what doesn’t? This eclipse is a cosmic reset to reignite a more generous life flow.


A mutually receptive angle of auspicious Jupiter and stabilizing Saturn indicate enduring foundations are being built at this time.


Black Lilith is exactly conjunct Saturn and positively aligned with this eclipse, reinforcing your desire to look at the essential truths within and around you. Dramatic appearances don’t fool you. You’re honed in on what’s real.


Your life beats with the heart of Leo. You understand your individual dignity. You’re a warrior for love. With Uranus supporting your special genius, you’re willing to take a chance and try something entirely new.


The truth may have gotten buried with time. But you now understand what you’ve allowed yourself to suffer with, hoping it would change.


This is about you. You’re the one that’s changing with this eclipse.


Authenticity is your creative inspiration. Leo is the power of bold passion. When you allow yourself to respond to your personal truth, you align with your full current of power.


You may be expanding areas of life where you thought you needed to play small to survive or get by. Wherever this Total Leo Eclipse is landing in your chart, it’s opening a portal of light to jettison the old and embrace more vitality.


With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, you reflect on how this past season has helped you get really honest about what’s going on within your life. You’ve been thinking about how to accept yourself wholly and give the same to others around you.


This powerful eclipse will continue to simmer in your life until the next energetic adjustment occurs with the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on February 15. As planetary movements move to trigger the themes of this Total Leo Eclipse over the next 6 months, the complete message about true power will unfold.


Bullies and tormentors will be finding their exit. Their presence is no longer needed for you to remember your bright inner light. And like you, the United States will be discovering what it really stands for.


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