First Quarter Leo Moon: Luminous Understanding

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First Quarter 12°Leo Moon at 7:47pm PDT/10:47pm EDT/3:47am GMT on May 2/3.


Life hasn’t been quiet with this Mercury retrograde. Part of the 2017 experience has been a few months of intensely disruptive Uranus lighting up your inner genius.


Mental energy continues to surge as Mercury turns direct Wednesday, May 3 at 24°Aries, sandwiched between feminine warrior Eris and innovative Uranus.


Consider yourself lit. The creative Moon in Leo brightens your light on the earthy path of Taurus. You’re discovering more of what you couldn’t see or accept before.


Life is an amazing adventure. If you trust your own power to improve situations, you can see this truth with every twist and turn.


With this first lunar square after the potent Taurus New Moon a week ago, you’re seeing more signs to ratchet up the clear definition of your needs.


Time and again, Taurus knows how to manifest. We all need to take note. The power of Taurus comes from focusing on the goal.


Most of us waffle over what would be nice and whether it could happen. Taurus knows by feeling the earth and with persistent certainty that intentions will be rewarded.
Taurus knows the Sun will surely rise to energize life again and bring flowers into bloom.


The Moon in Leo, ruled by the radiance of the Sun, is brightening your instinctive confidence. Observe how you respond to the volatile situations around you. The uncertainty is loosening your attachment to old limitations.


Your vision of what’s beyond the chaos is enlightened right now. Because of the position of Neptune with the First Quarter Moon, you have a potent week ahead to imagine and catalyze what you want to create in this brave new world!



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